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How did you find your soulmate?

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  • How did you find your soulmate?

    I do not know this this topic has been addressed before but it would be nice to know how others found their soulmate in this life.

    In my case it was a blind date when I wasn't evening dating or looking to date anyone.

    A mutual friend set us up so we both could kill off an evening doing anything but watch TV.

    I went as they say because I had nothing better to do and so did she as I found out later.

    We clicked and have not been apart since.

    A funny thing too; we were both nudists, I a single man living at a resort, she a home nudist and our friend didn't even know this when she "hooked" us up.

    Funny how life is.

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    synchronicity is a wonderful thing.

    Mary and I met at a bank, she was a teller and I was a business customer. I wanted to date her roomate who was also a teller, but she turned me down and the rest as they say is history. That was over 21 yrs ago. nudists 3 years now.


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      I personally believe that we all have more than one soulmate, and where we are in our personal growth is the soulmate we have for that time. Your soulmate does not have to be the opposite sex, it could be a close friend who compliments your additudes towards life, sometimes you out grow them, sometimes they grow with you, others remind you that you need to grow. All of them stay in your life one way or another, even if it is only your memory of them.

      My most currant soulmate is my lovely wife, where we met is personal, so I would rather not say, but I knew the moment I saw her we were ment to be together, not love at first sight, just a knowing of what the future held, no matter how much I tried to deny it. I had stopped looking for someone to spend my life with months before we met, and was detremind to spend my life alone. She is one that reminds me that I need to grow, she does not say anything to me, I see it in myself because of her.


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        I was driving through Montana, camping along the way. At a campground I stopped at for the night, I asked the camp host where could I get a good steak at. I was tired of cooking everynight, he told me about The Sunshine Station, a diner/bar just down the road.

        I went, she showed up, we chatted..exchanged e-mail addys. We e-mailed for a while then she told me she was going to the "Bull-A-Rama" in Butte. I was like I can make that. I did, we just hit it off that night. We went to the Missoula Fair the next day, then I went into the back country for a week, when I came out of there I went to here town and.....I've moved to Montana.


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          Hi, really think this topic belongs into "open forums", unless we can twist it to "how did you find your **nudist** soulmate"! (i.e., for those that were BOTH nudists before you met)