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Curious Question here,RE: Nudity

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  • Curious Question here,RE: Nudity

    Hi,Im a Single Hispanic male here in AZ.Im very Curious why Everyone is so uptight about nudity in these days.Why cant we all be nude just like we were born,with out politicians or other officials thinking its a crime to be naked in front of others or others seeing you nude.What is this about?.Bodies come in all shapes,sizes,and looks. We should be proud to go nude as we please without being told its indecent exposure.I dont understand what the issue is here.Hope someone can give me feedback here.Tks.

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    It is a plot by the textile industry to spread fear of the human body to drive up sales. I think you will find your question to be the underlying theme of this entire site. Society's fear of the human body baffels us all. I work in an environment where you will be called "Nature Boy" if you wear a short sleave shirt. Casual Friday means you can take off your coat (but not the tie). It would be great to go to a store nude without anyone thinking twice about it.

    I think the solution is for all naturists to spread the word like a religion. Convert the clothed, as it were. Invite "textile" friends to a nude beach. Talk about your naturism with others. "Hi, I'm Frodo. Practicing naturist." Ask the clothed why they fear the natural act of breastfeeding. In coversation mention, "Well, I don't actually wear clothes around the house." I think we all make good arguments about why nude is natural. The trick is starting the conversation with others. Perhaps the word will spread and eventually everyone will think as we do.

    "Naked" is pornographic, "Nude" is art, "Naturism" is a way of life.