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Mount Everest

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  • Mount Everest

    Thought you all may like to read this.

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    Thought you all may like to read this.


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      Good article and it shows again that anything you do there will be someone to complain about it and worse want to make a law against it!!

      Is funny that of th 1,345 people that climbed the mountain only one stripped off nude at the top in sub zero weather and the government now wants a law against it. Makes me laugh deeply.

      Well, if the law doesn't go thru, most likely there will be huge bus loads if not train loads of people to arrive there for the sole purpose of stripping off naked at the hightest point on earth for what ever reason and that will be the downfall of their nation!

      Even in an aircraft the altitude is so great that crew and passengers cannot survive for lack of oxygen. The threat of nudes at the top of Everest is extremely slim to the point is all but non existant. Never mind the lack of air up there but the cold !!

      Kudos to the guy that did that, if he did.


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        Read it ... see my response under the nude in the news thread about it.