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  • Can't Wait For Summer

    Hey Fuzzy, is this you attempting to get Little Beach out of your system?

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    Hey Fuzzy, is this you attempting to get Little Beach out of your system?


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      Snowkerling?? Freeform Skin Diving?


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        SNOW SWIMMING - tried it but don't get very far. Probably a lot of Coloradoans doing it this week!!


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          Originally posted by Al Bundy:
          Hey Fuzzy, is this you attempting to get Little Beach out of your system?

          no we were lucky and missed the dump of snow on Vancouver Island - It had all melted by the time we got home but we are having major wind and rain storms since we got home. Sure miss Little Beach but the odd toddy of rum helps.


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            Spring is here! The days are definitely getting longer!


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              I wouldn't try that in Minnesota.
              We don't have any snow yet in my part of the state.
              It's been a strange winter so far.



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                First time I have ever seen anyone snow snorkeling. Must give it a try. NOT! Maybe it will be something that will catch on and become the "thing-to-do" each winter.

                Olympics here we come!!!


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                  If I didn't know it was snow, I'd think it was a super-foamy wave at the beach...


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                    Poem by Greta Crosby

                    Let us not wish away winter. It is a season to itself, not simply the way to spring.

                    When trees rest, growing no leaves, gathering no light, they let in sky and trace themselves delicately against dawns and sunsets.

                    The clarity and brilliance of the winter sky delight.
                    The loom of fog soften edges, lulls the eyes and ears of the quiet, awakens by risk the unquiet.

                    A low dark sky can snow, emblem of individuality, liberality, and agregate power.
                    Snow invites to comtemplation and to sport.

                    Winter is a table set with ice and starlight.

                    Winter dark tends to warm light: fire and candle,
                    winter cold to hugs and huddles;
                    winter danger to visions, plans, and common endeavoring --
                    and the zest of narrow escapes;
                    winter tedium to merrymaking.

                    Let us therefore praise winter, rich in beauty, challenge, and pregnant negativities.


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                      Very nice poem. But I still can't wait for those warmer temps. I don't like cold.


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                        Winter has just started here in Michigan but I know it wont last as long this year, it was very late coming. I got to get caught up on some ice fishing. Got a big trip planned in Feb with 15 other guys, going to be alot of fun. Dont get me wrong though, I started tanning the other day just to get a little bit of warmth on my body and it sure makes me think about this coming summer getting out and getting naked in the great out doors!


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                          Connecticut just had it first snowfall of the season. While this winter has been mild thus far, I look forward to spring and summer to do some warm weather hiking.


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                            Where are you headed ice fishing? We're having a great time where I live. Over 20 inches of ice and the fishing is great right now.


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                              Here on the Ohio/Michigan border we have had a few flurries, but no snow accumlation on the ground yet. Over halfway through January and we have not yet had to shovel snow. I have a winter parka I haven't worn in years. My neighbor mowed his lawn last week.

                              By this time of winter we used to drive cars on Lake Erie. There used to be a brisk business in snowmobile sales.

                              Snow in LA doesn't disprove global warming. Climate change is a fact in my neighborhood.