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  • Men without women

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    Men would be hopeless without women?


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      Which area of life are you referring to, when you ask if men would have no hope?

      For some aspects of life, men would have no hope without women, (the most obvious is having no family with children) but in other aspects they would still have some hope (such as their own existance until normal death).


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        I didn't read that deeply into the question when I answered it. I think we all need companionship because no matter what some may say, loneliness is a terrible way of life and many that have or are experiencing this do feel hopeless. I really feel there's a difference here when speaking about a feeling of hopelessness without women and existing without them.

        You can argue that the statement, Men without Women, is debatable but speaking as a heterosexual only, I would feel pretty hopeless without women, both friends and lovers, in my life. I don't like loneliness and happen to like women and would rather not exist without them.


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          If no women, I suppose that you would have to rely solely on the men, your good friends at your fire station for companionship to somewhat assuage your loneliness, even though you would still long for female companionship.

          I lived with my wife for 38 years until she died almost five years ago. My very good male friends have been a tremendous support and supply companionship and assuage loneliness. Some female friends (widows) at church have become closer since then. I certainly enjoy this female company at senior dances, for example.


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            What you say is true David but in my opinion, if there were no women, only men, then techniquely I wouldn't be alone, but I would still just be existing.


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              I am sure the question could be asked with the genders reversed. I think we all need company and a "partner" in every sense of the word. I love women because they are different to men.

              At a party or social event I allways find it easier to talk to the women. I certainly would be lost without women.



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                As a generalization, I must disagree. In fact, there are things men can enjoy more without women. The reverse is also correct, women can enjoy certain things more without men.

                However, in more specific terms, finding someone special in your life is important. That person can be of your gender or not. They could be a romantic partner or a platonic friend. They could be family or not.

                And for me, I would also add my life without children would be much less fun although not hopeless.

                Bob S.


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                  Don't have a clue how to answer your question as asked. Note the prior replies for reasons why.


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                    Without my wife...i could not find anything...she knows where everything is in this house...LOL


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                      ercNY could not survive without me!!!!

                      and vise versa - I couldn't survive without him.


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                        Thanks for responding! I wanted to see how people would answer, so I guess the unintentional vagueness of the question actually helped!

                        I was just reflecting upon my own life and how I often forget the list of "things to do" (today) without having my wife around to remind me. I do not know whether this is due to aging (I'm still young!) or possible side-effects from a fall that shattered my nose early last year. In which my forehead also stuck something on the way down to the floor, leaving two odd burns slightly above eyebrow level. Everything is healed now, so you would not know this happened by looking at me.

                        But the question is more about how "partners" are the ultimate PDAs, or how we all keep each other organized and motivated towards continued participation in life!


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                          Not to be judgemental, but I think that self-motivation is preferable, instead of trying to depend on spouse to keep one organized. If memory fails and the list is too long, keeping a written list of "Things to Do" can help.


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                            I am of the opinion that life is simply better when one has a partner (of either gender) to share it with!


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                              Reminds me of the old joke. A man is talking to his friend about his inability to remember things as he has gotten older. His friend says that he used to have this problem, but his wife suggested that they see this doctor who has really been helpful in providing exercises and techniques to help him remember. The friend says, "That's great! What's the doctor's name?"

                              The man thinks for a minute and says "Hold on, I'm thinking of a flower...big blossom, lots of thorns on the stem." "Rose?" the friend asks.

                              "Right, Rose!!" "Hey Rose, what's the name of that doctor we went to"