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Any "Live Naked" wristband comments/questions

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  • Any "Live Naked" wristband comments/questions

    Just's been a few weeks now since some of us have received our "Live Naked" wristbands.

    I've worn mine about 90% of the time. I'm still getting used to having another band around my wrist and......I'm not complaining at all but it doesn't fit as tightly as I'd like, but I am getting more and more used to having it on and I will increase to wearing it 100% of the time.

    I was wondering if anyone has been asked questions about it's affiliation or any comments about it's affiliation once you've told someone.

    I was asked about my wristband at our local Starbucks one morning. The young lady, about 25-30 y.o. asked what my wristband was for, I replied, it denotes a group of people that live a certain lifestyle. She raised an eyebrow and I let her read it, she smiled and said, "cool." I said, when I don't have to rush off to work, I'll be back and answer any questions you might have, she replied, "that would be great, I'm curious."

    This just happened a couple of days ago and have yet to return to Starbucks. Been off the past few days and I usually go in before work or after work. I hope she is still interested when I do return to talk about it with her.

    I was actually taken back by someone asking about the wristband so my reply isn't what I would have liked to have said. Working on a better answer........but have any of you had anyone ask what the wristband was for or any comments after you told them what it represents?

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    FireProf, Where'd you get the band, I'd like to get one.

    Thanks, Jr.


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      Same here, I usually do not like to wear anything on my wrists, even a watch. But, in this case I will make in an exception.


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        Live Naked Wrisband


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          I too don't like wearing jewelry, but in this case I wouldn't mind. This would be a great conversation starter, and of what better than nudism. Humm? I like it.


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            FireProf....great post It really makes me happy to know that your wearing your band and that it is indeed doing what I had hoped it would.

            Inevitabely if we wear the wristbands somebody is bound to ask about it. My hope was that the wristbands would serve as a simple way to share our collective afficianado for nudism. It's about raising awareness to the general public, and who knows, even maybe about converting a few textiles to our nudist way.

            Your story is encouraging... I'm going to wear mine today and hope that somebody asks me about it.



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              I mentioned this post to the wife. No nibbles yet, but she wears it every day!


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                I'm going to head out and run a few errands this afternoon. I plan on stopping by Starbucks for a cup a Jo and if that same young lady is there, I'll stick around for a few minutes and see if we can strike up a conversation about the wristband.

                I'll be sure to give everyone an update.


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                  Ohhh!! great! I am glad that the wristbands are serving their purpose. I will be recieving mine very soon, and I will wear it... I wonder what I will say if anyone asks about it... (everyone at my school knows that I am a nudist now!)


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                    I have been wearing mine all the time, but I have yet to get out.


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                      Like you FireProf, I've been wearing mine about 90% of the time. But as of yet, no one has asked me about it. Only two people have made a comment about it and both were two of my best friends who knew I was getting it.

                      But I'm sure one day soon, someone will ask about it.


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                        I'm looking forward to FireProf's follow up. I've been wearing mine on my days off. So far no nibbles either. When I've worn my "one" band in the past though, people asked about it. So, I'm sure it's bound to happen.



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                          Since the pay system wouldn't accept my credit card number but said it was the "wrong number", I had to get one through someone who had ordered too many. I just sent him a check for it.

                          I wear mine ALL the time since it's waterproof. It's made of either a streachable plastic or rubber, but I can't tell which. No one has asked about it. However, the writing needs to be colored so it can be seen. I can just barely see it myself. It's difficult to read writing that is the same color as the background.


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                            Sorry about that Jon-Marc....

                            Fortunately not too many people have had trouble with PayPal. And for anybody else who has, please write us at....

                            [email protected]

                            We are not a big inflexible corporation or anything, it's much more like a garage sale. We'd be happy to take a check or money's just that if everybody ordered that way it would be a lot of stuff to have to keep track of. If a few do...that's ok

                            Looking forward to the stories...



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                              Hey Doc,Thanks

                              PayPal worked fine for me,and I was impressed
                              to get my package 3 days after ordering,I
                              assumed it would take around2 or 3 weeks.As to
                              your question,I wear mine 100% of the time,I've
                              had one lady ask me where I got it,and another
                              that is probably waiting untill she can ask
                              questions without the coffee crowd listening
                              in.I heard her say "I wish I could go around
                              nude all Day".Anyway Thanks again