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Openly breastfeeding at McDonalds.

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  • Openly breastfeeding at McDonalds.

    I thought this little anecdote was worth sharing.

    Today, on our lunch break, my boss and I decided to indulge in a little junk food; so we headed out to Micky D's. After ordering our Big Macs', we decided to sit at our usual spot: the bay windows by the kids' section, facing the television. As we discussed financial statements and politics, I would occasionally glance over to the kids sections, which was full of kids and their mothers. And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw breasts...


    As I focused in on this lady, I then realized that she was getting ready to breastfeed; but she wasn't breastfeeding in the usual "sneak the baby under the shirt" way. Nope; this lady had actually rolled her T-shirt all the way up, and was "all out", so to speak. And looking around me, the most surprising thing was that no one around seemed to care! Not even when she got up to pick up some food her other child had dropped...with the baby still hanging on to her breast (world famous mother juggling skills)! The mere fact that it seemed to be a non-event was in itslef pretty cool!

    In hindsight, such a scene is certainly atypical. To be openly breastfeeding is one thing; to be openly breastfeeding topfree is at a whole new level. Why is it that this took place without any complaints or backlash whatsoever? Could it be because the McD's in question is in a semi-rural part of Central-Western Georgia? Is it because that particular McD's is a social gathering spot for young Moms, so the restaurant has adapted to their needs?

    Whatever it is, kudos. It should be like that anywhere.

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    Nudony, thank you for the post. It just goes to show that there might be hope for the world yet. But I also have to question if all the contravercy over breast feeding in public is from a few idiot radicals who have nothing better to do then complain.


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      I would hope, if someone did complain to the management, their answer would go something like this.

      This is a Resturaunt. People are allowed to eat here. And this includes Babies having their mothers breast feed them.

      The more common breast feeding becomes , the less complainers there will be.



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        My sister in-law is an accomplished breast feeding mother. She has a great way of getting her babies fed. She will be discrete depending on the situation or she will just lift her blouse and pop the baby on up there. She knows I am a nudist but still says, "Oh, I could never do that!" but she has absolutly no problem breast feeding her child in public.

        I greatly admire her for that but I still scratch my head at her phobia over nudity. Well, maybe one of these days I'll get them up to my new club.


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          One day soon this 'incident' will be treated as the 'non-event' it is everywhere.

          And who said west-central Georgia was prude country anyway ... musta been one of them there yankees.


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            Sounds very good. I hope she gets followers all over the world. This sick society needs some new attitude.


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              I have seen women breast feed in south east Asia who were totally bare chested and American women do it here but in a most respectable manner.

              THe women here did not put the infant under the shirt but had a way to expose the nipple for the child and only the child could see it or access it.

              I honestly do not care how it is done but in today's society it is prudent to not produce an open scene of exposure and all that can be done satisfying the infant, the mother, and prudish public at large.


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                IMO, your two comments about Muslims are, at best, way off topic. They have nothing to do with breast feeding in public.

                I respectfully request that you edit your post and delete your comments concerning Muslims in this thread so it will remain on topic.


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                  Rabid Clam.....your last paragraph needs to be revised or better yet..deleted. It has no relevance to the topic at hand.

                  Thank You


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                    I agree that Rabid Clams last paragraph has little to do with the subject, as we see it, but they are his opinions.

                    One thing I have learned about these forums are that everyone has the right to their own opinion,... as long as no one else objects too strongly to it! That is a Crock!

                    I may not agree with your opinion but if I believe in free speech at all I must allow you to say things that are controversial and even objectionable. Subjects that do not generate controversy do not need the protection of free speech that our constitution affords only things like this one.

                    Finally, I don't like to stereo-type a religion or a culture but... anywhere where it is considered honorable to kill your female family member because of a perceived impropriety, promiscuousness or even because they were a victim of rape seems like a culture I would have a hard time defending.


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                      The inappropriate/irrelevent comments have been removed.


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                        Good job, Pasco Doug, once again the offending words have successfully been removed. We need not consider the opinion they once offered. We are excused of the tedious exercise of using our own minds to determine whether or not we deemed them worthy of our own limited analytical abilities. Thank you so much for freeing my mind of the nessesary thought process. I should just watch cable TV gets a more honest representation that way.

                        The future is not yet written, the present not set in stone, we are the ones who determine which way we will go.


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                          I misunderstood, I thought McD's had finally gone over the line with new products they where offering. Sorry............


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                            I think it's fine if people wear or don't wear whatever they want, but actually it was insensitive of her to do that in that way in a normally clothed environment. In a regular public restaurant in the USA, women are expected to keep their shirts on and so are men, "No shirts, no shoes, no service." That rule may be frustratingly inhibiting to naturism in general, but like it or not, that's the way it is.
                            Sometimes casually whipping the boobies out, even if to use one of them to feed a baby, it is not always the proper etiquette for non-naturist settings.

                            An average citizen would not normally expect double-breast flashing in a textile-oriented public family restaurant.
                            As far as I'm concerned, people in society should be able to go topless or bottomless or both-less wherever they want, but that is just not the way it is now.
                            Her offense is no worse than someone scratching their jewels in public, or her picking her nose at the table, but I think her conduct actually was inappropriate in that situation.


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                              There is no offense. Taking care of the child is a higher priority that whether or not anyone else is comfortable if they see her breasts.