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    On, a question by someone named Propublicnudism was asked "Should schools have Naked in School Programs to deal with sexuality easier? I don't know what kind of people are attracted to this site or question (although the first No message is correct that the Naked in School is correct that there is a website that is devoted to erotic/voyeuristic stories surrounding the idea), but the debate messages are well-thought out, civil, and for the most part, mature. The vote is 74% Yes 26% No.. There are 8 No messages and over 20 yes messages.

    Bob S.

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    Sounds like a high school boy's fantasy posting. Somebody must have picked up a copy of "The Harrad Experiment" at a yard sale and was inspired by it.


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      There is better one on public nudity. Well argued:


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        I wish my junior high and high schools had had such a program and that it lasted for more then a week. Perhaps nudity required during the first semester, nudity optional during the second. Although I now have no problem with others seeing me naked, I was shy as a kid. Nudity does not equal sex and such a program would have helped me with body shame and self esteem issues. If such a program had been in place, even if not during the first year or two, I bet I would have eventually just remained in my birthday suit during the clothing optional semester.


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          Originally posted by Rockdad
          That is such a far leap past even getting additional legal nude beaches in the USA. I don't see it as a debate worthy topic as it's an impossibility.

          Yes, some time back we reviewed similar topics in other threads. And the discussion became so absurd that I withdrew from it. I guess it would be fun to debate, but as you state, it's a far leap beyond , well, reality.


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