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    It is even longer than the last time this thread was added to but since I have only recently returned since all the problems with this site I want to add me “unexpectedly seen” experiences as well.

    The first time was many years ago. I was in our back yard when one of my sisters stopped by.

    I was sanding the patio table and did not hear her knock on the door. She heard me working and came around the back. When she saw me nude she seemed embarrassed by my nudity so I put on my shorts as we went into the house. As she was leaving, I apologized if my nudity bothered her. She said it was not a problem, she was just surprised. As she was walking down the walkway toward her car, I asked her if it was OK if I was nude when she was around. She said it was fine and right then as I was standing on the front porch I took off the shorts. She tried to act as though nothing had happened but turned the wrong way to go to her car.

    Since that time, I have been nude with her many times, manly when taking her to the store after she was in a car accident and will not drive any more. She is the only member of the family that is comfortable being with me when I am nude.

    There have been several other occasions but one of the most memorable occurred while I was at work.

    At that time I worked for a small cabinet hardware wholesaler in an industrial area. In the summer it was my habit that once we closed at 5:00, I would lock the doors, strip and continue with closing.
    There were some days when it was so hot that I would leave the doors open after hours as I worked nude. It was not that risky as almost all of the other businesses also were closed by that time and if anyone did drive up I could hear the car in time to slip something on.

    Three of the cabinet shops that were our regular customers were also located in the same industrial building as us. Before I closed for the day I would check with them if there was anything they needed, that way I knew I would not be interrupted. This one day one of the businesses was already closed and the other two were getting ready to leave so no reason to close the doors after hours.
    As I was coming from the back of the shop in walks the one customer that had already left.
    He remembered something he needed for the next day and when he saw the door open came in.
    I started to tell him I was just changing but then decided to simply let him know that I normally worked nude after hours but would put something on if it bothered him.
    To my surprise, he said it was not a problem and I could stay nude if I wanted to. He was there about 15 minutes and as he left I thanked him for letting me stay naked.

    After this I told the other two businesses that I was a nudist and if they came in after hours I would be nude. One of them came in while I was nude and the other was working when I went out to my car nude.


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      Getting caught? Many times, mainly when in the garage, where I have my wood shop, outside in the back and sometimes, while relaxing inside. Everyone knows of my lack of attire, and mostly will let my wife know when they are coming over.


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        It's been a while since I posted here.

        Caught last fall by my female next-door neighbor.

        I had been catching some rays on a deck chair in the back yard and switched to reading a book after the sun moved over the yardarm. (Actually, over the house, which put the back yard in shade. Water-borne conveyences with yardarms have been rare experiences for me.)

        She came down the steps from our driveway into the back yard to return a garden tool to our shed, saw me, and said, "Well, hello!" I told her I wasn't expecting company, and she said, "Obviously!"

        I just stayed where I was, sitting on my towel on the lawn chair. I was sideways to her, so I'm not sure exactly how much she could see. We talked for a couple of minutes before she put the tool in the shed and left. She was surprised but didn't seem shocked or offended, as she said she had been a massage therapist at some point.

        I told my wife I had been seen, and she went next door and explained that I was a nudist and was sometimes that way in the back yard.

        I'm sure neighbor told her husband all about it. Both are still friendly, and I haven't heard anything more about the incident.


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          I've been observed inside my house on several occasions. From the door to the kitchen from the garage in one house there is no obstruction. One neighbor came to the door through the open garage door and announce his presence by sayin, "The nudist colony is down the street." I turned to talk to him and said that this is just so comfortable. I then walked to the door and we had our conversation and there was no mention of it any time after that. At another house our mail carrier would deliver packages by opening the back door and setting them on the step up into the house. From that vantage point she could see that I was at the stove cooking while nude. She now leaves the packages inside a box outside of the back door. I have answered the door while nude to others that have had the displeasure of seeing an old, ugly, fat, naked guy and not previously objected. I was working at razing a house in very hot very humid weather so I stripped off. A friend who has seen me naked on several occasions saw that I was there and stopped to aske me a question. I just told him it was hot in there and we had our conversation. I lay in the hammock from time to time, and am just waiting for someone to observe me there.