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AANR seeking new Executive Director

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  • AANR seeking new Executive Director

    Usual requirements, they want someone with marketing, Internet, governmental interaction experience.

    Historically, it has never been a long-term job, so consider that before applying.

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    Hope to see some updates on their search for candidates.


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      What it appears they're looking for =

      Someone with a public relations background, preferably someone who has had government interaction in the process.

      An individual who has a sense of reality - but understands that he / she follows direction from the officers and directors and executes policy.

      It would be nice if someone in the nudist community would apply....

      It would also be nice if that someone were under 40 - I know , age discrimination can't be cited - but someone under 40 can relate to the millennial generation...

      Would someone with that type of background be willing to lay his/her career rear end on the line - knowing that AANR is a highly politically charged organization (internally) and you could be bounced at any time.... and having worked for a nudist organization may or may not help you in future career endeavors.

      I don't know if a year or two as Executive Director for AANR would help or hinder future job searches on your resume. If I understand correctly, the last two (at least last two) EDs were gentlemen who were essentially retired and apparently well set up from first careers.

      I'm not saying it WOULD hinder it - but you have to ponder that. It could be wonderful if they could find a 30-something whiz kid willing to carry the nudist message, interact with government officials and an oft-quibbling board of directors, who is well-spoken with media, groups, and politicians - knowing that a lot of our negotiations have to be done in the back room.... and who can relate effectively to a 20-35 age group. AND is a nudist himself / herself.

      OH YEAH - and you're probably not going to earn what you would as a lobbyist or corporate marketing type.


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        Maybe Joe Biden will take the job. I hear he likes to spend time naked.

        I have the feeling AANR ED would be an impossible position: help us reach people, but don't change anything. Campaign for this or that, but we have no budget. I know the previous ED wanted to implement some serious structural changes to modernize and streamline AANR. He got shown the door.

        It sounds very much like a dying church hiring a new fresh pastor, but then voting down any changes he wants to make.

        Organizations run by committee rarely like strong leaders to come in and really change anything.