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  • Growing nudism by asking...

    I have had this thought before and now want to take it out for a "test drive".

    For whatever situation, if you want to introduce someone or an entire group of people to the concepts of social nudism, consider taking a survey or asking for input on a "research" paper (or topic) you have begun working on or have been tasked to complete. Something like this:
    'Dear Sir/Madame,

    I have been assigned the task of researching public opinion on a topic in the headlines or a topic of a controversial nature, and to gather people's input on the ways to both IMPROVE and DETRACT from the topic's appeal. In other words, if the topic assigned was "Alternative Fuel Vehicles" (a.k.a. Hybrid Cars), the goal would be to obtain non-expert opinions or idea on what could IMPROVE the appeal of these vehicles and things that could DECREASE the appeal as well. Ideally, if participants can imagine ten (10) positive marketing ideas and ten (10) negative ideas, this would give an excellent idea of how the public-at-large is presently thinking on the subject:

    My topic is: Members-only club nudism (to included chartered, clothing-optional sea cruises)

    I am presenting this survey / topic to you because I know you will take the subject matter seriously and give it some honest consideration. If you can submit your answers back to (the person who gave you this) within two (2) days, that would be appreciated. Taking longer than two days could lead to "over-thinking" or self-editing (correcting an original idea, thereby making it less original).

    Thank you!'
    This format could be used with any audience: Family, friends, co-workers, college classmates, a local hiking club, photography club, you name it.

    Please let me know if you can think of an audience to use it with, DO actually copy and use it somewhere/somehow, or would like me to approach a group of people and present it to them.

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    A marketing pitch thinly disguised as a "survey". I get them all the time, immunized against them -- we get three "surveys" a day on the phone, about solar panels on our roof.

    You're better off giving them copies of "N" or "The Bulletin". One of the major problems AANR had over the years - was not taking their message directly to the public.

    Instead of having information booths at travel shows, or mainstream advertising by resorts, they always took an "indirect approach" -- for instance, "stunting" to get media attention (the world's largest skinny dip - good the first time around, rather tired the second time). And I compared their approach to a hockey team that can't run an offense.

    If you have a good skating line - you organize a rush, carry the puck up the ice, and take it to your opponent's net. That's how you score goals. That's how you WIN games.

    If you don't have a good offense, you skate up to the blue line, shoot the puck into the corner, and chase it, and hope in the ensuing battle you get control of it and you might, just might get a shot on goal.

    The former is a better way to score goals and win games. The latter is an idea that works some of the time.

    For years, AANR has taken an "indirect approach" to publicity or advertising. Get a media live shot and exploit it, and hope that your message isn't lost in the translation, or the bad jokes. How effective has that been? Uh, ....
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      The "survey" approach is a popular tactic amongst Christians to evangelize. You ask people to participate in a survey about spiritual things and wind up presenting the Gospel.

      I point this out not to disparage the practice, but to once again highlight a similarity I find between nudism and Christianity. I am a Christian, a "conservative", "evangelical" Christian. Many churches and organized nudism seem to have the same problems: stuck in the 70s with antiquated facilities, activities, styles, check. Declining interest among young people, check. Persecuted minority interest groups, check. Old guard baby boomers in charge who don't want change, check. Inability to leverage the internet and social media, check. Pressure to abandon traditional doctrine to appeal to a wider audience, check. Poor understanding of what their core doctrines are and how they can transform people's lives, check. And on and on. I often think nudists would do well to read some books on church planting, evangelism, and other church growth-type books. These are also similar to marketing books, but I think Christianity and nudism have at their core a philosophy & lifestyle rather than a product.


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        Interesting concept but...

        There are hundreds of surveys on a variety of topics going on all the time. In particular, here is Central Florida, you see this on a regular basis in the time-share business.

        I feel, however, there is a distinct line of demarkation between anything textile and anything with the word "nude" or "nudism" in it. Even in this part of the state with numerous nudist venues, my guess that any such survey; verbal, written or online, would either not be taken seriously or negatively. Many might take it as a joke while others might be terribly offended. All in all, an interesting idea, but probably not practical.