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Italy covers Nude Statues with boxes for Iranian prsident's visit...

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  • Italy covers Nude Statues with boxes for Iranian prsident's visit...

    Italy has made some lucrative trade deals with Iran and the president of Iran is visiting. So as to not upset him, white boxes are being places over nude statues.

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    It's not like the statues are going to move, so it would have been completely possible to provide a Rouhani aide with a map of where not to look... But of course the real issue was concern about the impact back in Iran if enterprising paparazzi managed photos of Rouhani in the same frame as the "nude" statues. Depending which Italian press you read, reactions varied from hilarity to consternation.

    In the spirit of consistency, I just think the Italians should do the same thing the next time Facebook's Zuckerberg is in town.


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      I find this as disappointing from an Italian perspective. A nation with such a rich history in art ahold have no shame whatsoever for any visiting dignitary. This is a definite loss for Italy. As for the possibility for photos Adge mentions, it's really easy to jot go anywhere that you may find yourself in a compromising position. I'm surprised there was not more uproar from the Italian people on this one.


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        I would challenge this and believe it is an attack on art and would react with outrage if I were an Italian citizen.


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          If an Italian dignitary was to travel to Iran, it would be expected that the norms of Iranian society be followed. That is why you will see western women with their heads covered. There is no good reason for the Italians to change their culture for a visitor, especially if change would not be considered for an ordinary citizen.