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  • Blame it on the penis

    Is the penis to blame for public reluctance to view nudity as natural? In his rant on transgender acceptance, Comedy Central's Trevor Noah says that social progress is all about learning to deal with discomfort, and claims (tongue-in-cheek) that the current transgender bathroom debate in the US comes down to the basic fact that "nobody wants to see a penis." Is he right? Absurd? What's to be done?
    (starts at about 1:40)
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    What he probably means is that due to the anatomical differences between the genders, some places and situations need to be single-gender use. Locker rooms and restrooms are the most common ones. Even if you do 'blame the penis', what's the solution? They are pretty much attached to half of the population; that biological fact has both it's privelages and it's problems.