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    The other day I was watching TV and I saw a commercial for I think Walgreens that caught my attention. I don't exactly remember what the commercial was for, but I do recall it focused around two older women who at the end wound up at an area clearly marked "Nude Beach" and proceeded to remove their clothes (Off-camera of course) and roam about in a seemingly very content and carefree way.
    So the commercial got me thinking: Is this a good sign in regards to the general public's attitude towards nudity? I personally would like to think so, but at the same time I feel like many shows and movies are including scenes in which simple nudity is reacted to with a great deal of drama and embarrassment, usually for the sake of comedy. That brings me to the overall question of this post, which is:
    Do you think the overall view of non-sexual nudity is becoming more or less agreeable over time? I'm interested to hear what people think, and for the older crew here, whether or not this has been a repeating trend that has gone nowhere in the past.

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    I have seen the commercial but can't remember the product of focus. As for your question, I believe the answer is yes, the notion of nudity is becoming more acceptable. Case in point, 15-20 years ago there was no consideration of seeing anyone remotely nude on TV. That change when a police drama had a character appear in the shower, Dennis Frans I think. It spurred quite a bit of publicity. Since then, it is becoming more common place, and not in a sexual context. One or two shows a year now seem to have an episode visit a nude venue. Add to it the 2-3 highly rated shows on TV where being nude is a primary theme and you see barriers breaking down.

    Another post today in fact further illustrates this where a federal judge in CO ruled a city ordinance preventing women from going topless violated the 14th amendment. I'm sure it will get appealed since every city has a similar law, but it is a major step forward. If it holds and goes nationwide, it's not a big stretch to see full, simple nudity being removed as a banned activity.


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      Being 56, I guess I'm considered being part of the 'older crew' here. Nudity in TV plots isn't limited to the recent past. After giving it some thought, I came up with a few that I remember. At the start of every Petticoat Junction show, the sisters were seen bathing nude in the railroad water tower. The Partridge Family once encountered a girl skinnydipping. Danny was quite fascinated by it. On Room 222, they were going to do the play Hair, including the nude scenes. When the time came for the 'undress rehearsal', the cast chickened out. On Eight is Enough, the dad came home to find one of his daughter's sunbathing topless in the back yard. Instead of taking the expected comic tack of her being humiliated because dad saw her boobs, she stood her ground and maintained that she wasn't doing anything wrong. In another Eight is Enough episode, the dad was going to teach his young son how to swim at the YMCA. As they were leaving the locker room, the son asked why they were nude. Dad said something like that's how you swim at the Y. They then opened the door and walked into the pool area, to see that it was a co-ed swimming session.

      I really doubt that seeing nude situations on TV affects the general public's attitude about nudity.


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        There were also at least three cycles of the old gag where people went to a nudist park - made 20 minutes of jokes, then went down to the restaurant for dinner (had to eat sometime) - and they went nude - and were told "oh, nudists dress for all meals". Just to let those who've never been in a social nudist situation - WE DO NOT.

        The gag was used on a very good but obscure 60s' short-lived TV show = "Good Morning World" - with Joby Baker, Ronnie Schell, Julie Parrish, and - in a bit role, an unknown Goldie Hawn. It was also used on a not-so-good short-lived 70s show "On Our Own", and again for "The Golden Girls".

        There was a nude wedding comedy - in "Love American Style" - where Paul Peterson is marrying a lady from a nudist family - he shows up to the backyard wedding nude - everyone is dressed, until finally someone says "what the heck, we just got dressed for YOU" -- and they all disrobe and the wedding proceeds (end of episode).

        That being said - don't expect nudity to appear on your OTA TV screens or non-premium cable channels soon. If you want to see nudity - there's plenty on the internet -- you can plug a laptop into an HDMI port, or if you have a "Smart TV" or "Smart BluRay", likewise.

        That being said - Mr. Procrastinator - perhaps the Procrastinators and Usuallylurks will dine together this June at Westmont - or, at the very least, have a couple glasses of wine...???? And I don't care if we're nude or not. Just hope to see you again this year!

        And anyone else from here who makes it to the Eastern Naturist Gathering!
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          As long as all broadcast images are pixellated between the thighs and navel and, for females, the chest those programmes are doing absolutely nothing to normalise non-sexual nudity.


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            I would tend to disagree with that Atalanta. While I don't think these sorts of things are going to be revolutionary in any sense, I believe a little can go a long way over time towards at least helping. And after all, regardless of the writer's/producer's desires, the show/commercial can't help anything if it gets pulled off the air for having non-censored nudity. The stations will always win there.


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              It can help with opening up lines of communication with family and friends, IF ... the nudists are willing to share their lifestyle and experiences with those talking about it. We are and it's actually helped several of our daughter's friends give home nudism a try. Not so much our friends. Surprisingly, they act more like kids then the kids do when you start talking about being naked all the time! (shrug)


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                I think that the programming presented by some of the streaming services will loosen up standards. Then it is possible that viewers will become comfortable enough that broadcast standards will be relaxed. Granted that most of the nudity presented involves sexual activity, but there are situations that are more realistic. When the sexual activity reaches climax, the female isn't as prone to be sitting in the bed with the sheet pulled up and the male does not get out of bed wearing boxers. Both partners are likely to be butt naked.
                I've seen full frontal in a story line that just has the characters living a normal life, but are doing in without clothing, and the hospital gowns are not necessarily tied in the back.
                Broadcast TV has presented naked people in the U.S. NYPD Blue broke ground there, but that was a long time ago now and there was no trend generated then. The Love American Style bit was very predictable and meant to be funny. That was the premise in that show for most sketches because most of those situations were presented in comedies. The Walgreen's ad is for sunscreen.
                Then if the news medial does not make a huge issue of something like Janet Jackson at the Superbowl, naked nipples might just be considered somewhat normal.
                I've never figured out why the tiniest bikini is OK, but the naked nipple on a female is so taboo, or even better yet why someone who would wear that bikini would not be seen nude. Contrast that with what is seen on guys. About the only place a Speedo is seen is in swimming and diving competition. They don't wear briefs, but loose fitting boxers.


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                  TV programming has lightened up, somewhat. Nudity is still considered taboo unless its part of a story line and there may be a glimpse, but not like a motion picture where nudity will be seen. It also depends on the story line. Porn is definitely not seen on TV, but a nudist punchline can be heard, and seen at times.
                  For the most part, cable stations are far more lenient as far as "grown up" language is accepted. Sensual suggestions are portrayed all the time, be it a drama or even a comedy sketch. Even todays game shows offer suggestive tones.
                  Times have definitely changed. We, as a culture, still have a ways to go, but what is acceptable today was no way accepted years ago.


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                    Porn is boring and demeaning. I don't care for it, at all. I do enjoy seeing nudity on TV and in films as an everyday event. Just normal behavior, like getting out of the shower or bed. Why would anyone sun by their private pool in a swim suit? When nudes are pixilated, why not just put clothes on them. We enjoy Naked and Afraid. We just wish they were naked.