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    Has any one ever gone to the nude beach on st. Martin is it a private or public beach ? When is the best time to go and how did you like it ?

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    Haven't been but know some who swear that Orient Bay resort is the best. I do know it's definitely a public beach where the nude section is. A common complaint I often see is about gawkers, but hey, who really cares. I met a couple while on a cruise who go there annually and say they just go into the resort pool area when the crowd gets too gawkerish (?). Maybe you should to see if the resort offers a day pass.


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      Went to St. Martin for my honeymoon 15+ years ago. We didn't stay at the resort, but at a timeshare elsewhere on the island. Orient Beach is public, you can drink at their bar, eat at their restaurant, rent an umbrella & chairs. Awesome.

      I suggest you go look at Travel Talk Online ( They have a very active St. Martin sub-forum.


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        Originally posted by MCB8 View Post
        Has any one ever gone to the nude beach on st. Martin is it a private or public beach ? When is the best time to go and how did you like it ?
        ​We were annual visitors to St. Martin/Sint Maarten for 10 years. Health problems kept us from going but we are all better and making plans to return next year with good friends.

        ​The nude beach section of Orient Bay/Orient Beach is on the south end and part of the Club Orient resort. It is a public beach even though it is part of the Club Orient resort. The resort has a restaurant and beach bar. The restaurant, Papagayo and the beach bar The Perch, are great places to have something to eat and drink and do so, nude. The entire property is clothing optional and that's why we pay more and stay there. Yes, you can find other places to stay that may be more upscale and cost less but our reason for going to Club Orient is so we can be naked anywhere and everywhere. We've gone a whole week without ever wearing a thing and carrying only a wrap to put down on chairs in the dining and bar areas.

        ​Club Orient is the best we've visited so far. We've not been to some of the other places that some compare Club O to but it's a very nice place and will always be our favorite place because of the friendships we've made with other nudists and the resort staff.

        ​For those not staying at Club O, you can visit and rent two lounge chairs and an umbrella for $20. You can, however, bring your own chairs and umbrella but the staff will ask you to sit behind the resort guest lounges or rent paying guests. If you don't mind sitting a couple rows away from the water, you can do that. The restaurant and beach bar are open for you to use. There isn't any beach service so you'll have to get up and go get your own drinks and food.

        ​Yes, there are gawkers and there are many times Cruisers. Cruisers are people that visit Orient Beach from the cruise ships. The cruise people are told they can either take an excursion or taxi to Orient Beach where they can visit the "Nude Beach!" It's more comical than annoying. You learn to ignore them.

        ​As far as when the best time to visit is entirely up to you. Jan-Mar is their high season. More places, restaurants, shops, around the island are open but it's more expensive during this time. April/May is nice. June/July/Aug ... warmer, a bit more humid. October is beginning of hurricane season and the prices drop, more businesses are closed. We have friends that have visited twice during October and still had good weather and lots of fun. Never been or heard from anyone that goes in Nov/Dec. We always went in June but now that we are retired, April/May look pretty good!

        ​It's well worth the trip!


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          Thanks everyone for all the good information. Now I just have to talk my wife into going there some day.
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            I'm actually going to St Martin Thursday!

            ​I think the nude beach is ok. It's relatively small (by Haulover or Gunnison standards) and has a noticeably "older" population. But people there do tend to go nude; so it makes for a nice nudist ambiance. Some people eat nude at the restaurant; some are partially dressed.

            I didn't see any gawkers while I was there last February. Maybe they come out in later months.

            I don't stay at Club O so I don't know what it's like after hours. I do an airbnb on the other side of Orient Beach. It's notably cheaper than staying at Club O for extended stays.

            ​While I was there you could walk nude on Orient Beach before 9 am. I hear that it is no longer the case but I'll find out this week end.

            Originally posted by MCB8 View Post
            Thanks everyone for all the good information. Now I just have to talk my wife into going there some day.
            ​If you have a reluctant or non-nudist partner, I recommend getting an airbnb near Orient Bay outside of Club O. That way the spouse doesn't have to feel "thrusted" into a nudist environment. And it's cheaper.

            ​When I took my fiancée to Club O, she had no nudist experience outside of home, and wasn't exactly enthused at the prospect of being amongst nudists. But the scenic view, the friendly people and environment made her comfortable enough to give it a go - topless at first - and then nude. In spite of her initial reluctance, she now wants to spend more time nude when we go to Club O this week end.
            All in all I think it was a great way for to introduce a spouse to social nudity. At least it worked out well for my fiancée.


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              Club Orient is a Clothing Optional resort. The only reason I speak of it as a nude resort is because 98% of those visiting are usually nude. It's not uncommon to see some of the nudists clothed or covered to some degree throughout the day. It's really no different than visiting a club or resort near home. We've seen women with bikini bottoms and topless. Seen women wear sarongs/pareos often. It's whatever your wife is comfortable wearing or not wearing. We've visited many times to find families with older children that are wearing bathing suits. Our oldest granddaughter wore her suit all day until about 3 pm then for some reason, she felt comfortable enough to shed it and enjoy another couple of hours in the water.

              ​Many times we've seen naked husbands and bathing suit wives sitting together on the beach. Granted, there aren't many but it happens and no one cares. In fact, many nudists are just happy that the covered person is willing to at least visit, mingle or at least be cordial to those that are nude. Many, many times, we've seen a bathing suit glad wife/GF and within minutes to hours, they are topless. Even if they don't shed any of their covering, it's not a big deal to the nudists.

              ​If the reluctant partner/wife/SO is willing and it's in your budget, I say ... go for it and stay at Club Orient. Pick a Garden Chalet, Studio or any of the units that are toward the back of the property away from the beach. It's a good spot for the reluctant person to sit covered and observe what goes on. They will see that there is nothing going on that you wouldn't see at any textile campground or hotel/resort. I think it's a great way to introduce them to nudism, social nudism without them having to participate.

              If they aren't willing to visit Papagayo or The Perch for dinner, you can always leave the property and head out and explore the island. If they really, really don't like being at Club O, you can always find other accommodations but I think, the vast majority of those I've talked to and stories I've read, the reluctant almost always comes around to try it, even if just a little!
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