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A good day for singles/solos

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  • A good day for singles/solos

    I visit Cypress Cove for the day, at least a dozen times a year, for going on 25 years. Sometimes my wife joins me but mostly I visit without her (her choice). You see mostly couples at the resort. but also a small handful of singles or solos on any given day. This past Fri was an exception. For the first time ever, there were dozens of unattached guests, all seemingly content to be enjoying a nude day without a partner. In the main pool, we created an informal circle.. men and women alike... as if to give anyone who wished to participate an equal chance to share their thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of topics, but mostly nudist-related. Like me, many wore their wedding rings. A group of 9 of us even went to the snack bar to eat lunch and have drinks. One of the young women thought it would be a nice idea to exchange email addresses and try to arrange for gatherings on other days. I was in agreement, but there seemed to be little interest in pursuing this. Around 3pm, the group disbanded and went their own ways. Seemed like a great opportunity for those with like minded interests to stay connected, but... oh well! At least it was fun while it lasted.
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