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    what if they were building a new swimming pool in your area and was going to close the old pool . Some People of your nudist club get the idea to attempt to purchase it and turn it into a full time clothing optional pool .How much would you contribute to this if any . Would this be a good idea or not .

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    It would ONLY be a good idea if there was a sufficiently sized nudist community around it ... and in most places, there aren't enough people to support such a venture. Nudist parks are going by the wayside because of a lack of business. We just had three more close in North America this year, and most certainly there are several others "on the ropes".

    You would have to open it up for non-nudist use most of the time.

    What has been most successful - non-landed clubs renting out a pool for a day, or evening, one day a month or so.

    Mrs lurk and I did invest in a nudist property = our back yard. Total cost for a very high end hot tub was $12,000, plus electrical work, leveling, etc. That's been a great investment.

    We can use it when we want.
    We can invite people over when we want to.
    We can choose to use it ourselves, alone, if we wish.
    It's a few steps off of our back deck, we do not need to get in the car to drive to it.

    And our hot tub has a hard and fast rule = NO BATHING SUITS AT ANY TIME. This keeps people out.

    If I lived in a warmer climate, I *might* invest in a pool, same thing.

    A better investment, and more convenient.


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      I agree with Lurk. We invest in our own personal nude resort, our backyard. We live in a warmer climate area and we have a pool and spa/hot tub, it is attached to the pool. We've spent over $4000 on trees and landscaping to add privacy to our backyard so we can be naked anywhere and we live in a tract home.

      Venues like the one the OP speaks of are pipe dream ideas. In our club alone, there are well over a dozen, possibly two dozen homes for sale and the price of them continues to drop. Not sure how much longer our club will last with declining memberships and residents. We visit as much as possible but can't be there every weekend and from what I hear, the crowds a less and less each year. Some of the annual activities have been scraped because of cost that the club can't continue to pay for completely.

      I wouldn't invest in any idea such as the OP's hypothetical situation. I'd invest in my club before I do that and I can't afford to buy there right now.


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        Agree with FP here. Best way to enhance your life --

        - invest in your own nudist paradise (could be an RV, could be a hot tub, could be a pool)
        - learn how to cook gourmet meals
        - learn your wine pairings

        It'll work wonders..... and ... support your area non-landed clubs, they often rent out pools for a day or evening, they need everyone's support right now.


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          We invested in higher fence and pool. The wife is comfortable being nude in the back yard and pool. We love it. The neighbors know I'm a nudist and don't care.