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Nudity in North America

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  • Nudity in North America

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this, so I apologize if this is the wrong spot.

    A big problem with naturism/nudism in North America is that nudity is associated with sex and so all over the country we have these laws on indecent exposure.
    I don't know why they think the genital area and woman's breasts are indecent and therefore should not be exposed.
    Unfortunately, the United States does not accept the nude body as several European countries do.
    As a result, in the United States, we don't have public parks that you can be nude like they do several European countries. The only place in the USA are nude beaches & nudist resorts
    I would like to see this change. We should have the freedom to be nude just the other freedoms we have.

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    Americans do like nudity. Movies and TV feature it whenever possible to draw bigger audiences. Many of us spend time at home without clothing because we are more comfortable in that state. We tend to like to look, but do not want to be seen and there are not enough of us concentrated enough to get laws changed that the courts will uphold.
    As a lone man, I could walk or ride my bicycle down the street while nude and be arrested, charged with a crime, and possibly labeled a sex offender. It is not worth the risk until we can assemble a like minded group to do this as a protest which the courts have deemed our right. Yet the woman who protested naked in I believe Portland last week, was removed by the police, not for protesting, but being naked in a state the is generally more friendly to nudists.

    Then when a group is organized, the focus should include economic development. A clothing optional beach in an area will attract visitors who then spend money in restaurants, shops, and hotels. Get those hotels to at least offer clothing optional hours for their pools and they could end up with more full houses. Money is a great driver.
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