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  • Telling your neighbors

    Who has told their neighbors that they are nudists? I was wondering who keeps it a secret and who here decided to be open and tell their neighbors. What does everyone believe is the best way to bring this topic up?

    I am friendly with my neighbors but not super close and go back and forth between telling them and continuing to keep it to myself. I have a fairly private back yard but sometimes find myself quickly having to hide to avoid my neighbors seeing me naked. It would be great to be open with them and not have to worry anymore if they see me but don’t know how to bring the topic up and if it’s worth doing so

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    We will soon! Lol


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      I was working in my kitchen with the door to the garage open. I heard, "The nudist colony is down the street." So I turned, walked to the door, and had the conversation that answered the question that he had for me. Your neighbor may have no problem with you being nude in his presence as was mine. Stop hiding, it may be unnecessary anyway. If you don't want to just get caught, ask.


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        Haven't told them yet, but I'm not close to them.