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Nudism and Naturism

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  • Nudism and Naturism

    As the woman in this video describes, Nudism and Naturism are two different things.
    You practice nudism every day in the shower. You are a nudist
    Naturism is a philosophy of life - where one lives in harmony with nature
    and practices nudity to achieve greater contact with nature.
    So, nudism is removing one's clothes, naturism is a philosophy of life.

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    In the United States, few people understand the meaning of "naturist". The word is often confused with "naturalist". There is no such confusion regarding the word "nudist".


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      I would suggest nudism is more than merely removing one's clothes. Nudism is about living life naked or doing more limited activities naked such as going to the beach, swimming, or just being one's self in public or private while naked. There is a saying that nudism merely means that you have one extra choice in your wardrobe--nothing.

      I agree with the idea that naturism is more of the philosophy of living naked, although in general, both are used interchangeably.

      Bob S.


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        Isn’t it just that the two words are synonyms?