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    The passing of Diana Rigg brought her Avengers (The TV show, not the movie.) costar Patrick MacNee back into the news. Patrick MacNee died in 2005. One interesting aspect of his life is that he was an avid nudist. The idea of a film or TV star engaging in nude activities isn't all that novel these days, but it certainly was when Patrick MacNee found fame in the 1960s.

    He’s best known for playing John Steed in The Avengers, but the oh-so-English actor had a more interesting life than you can imagine.

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    That’s true! I met him at Desert shadows in in about 2001. He was a very nice guy and yes we were both naked.


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      I didn't realize he was still active in 2001. I remember seeing a call-in interview show with him in the 1990s and one caller mentioned seeing him at x resort but hadn;t seen him in awhile. Mr. MacNee responded that he didn't go as much as he liked to play tennis and needed clothing to hold his extra balls.