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  • Disturbing the Peace Rant

    Explain to me why folks using ear-piercing autumn leaf blowers are not cited for disturbing the peace, while quiet naturists routinely are? I'm sort of tempted to get twice the bang for my taxpayer buck by quietly raking leaves nude when the neighbor's lawn company is in full blower mode and then, when the police arrive, argue that they are obviously disturbing the "peace" not me!
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    I agree. You can’t just say don’t listen. Lol but you can say just don’t look. 👍


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      That would be an interesting test. The outcome may just be dependent on where you live. There was a guy in Florida not too long ago that was sighted doing his yard work while nude. It was perfectly legal in his community and the police informed the complaining neighbors that he was within his rights. One argument against him was that there were children in the neighborhood. More children seeing naked people more often might be a good thing in the long run. Sexting could become obsolete.