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    I have moved into my new house and every evening I close my curtains and go naked for the rest of the evening I don't dare to do it with the curtains open as I live across from the town hall and am not sure how my neighbors would react I am probably going to get a better idea next spring when I get my hot tub which would be clothing optional

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    Ranul: That is great news about the new house. I am glad that going naked is still an option and is still enjoyable. Keep us informed about progress with the new hot tub.


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      Check the view from outside. In the daytime with no lights on in the house, it may be too dark inside for anyone to really see in. There is also the height of window sills to consider. If high enough you may be covered from the waist down. Lastly, look at elevation change. If the street is lower than the house, that angle could give you more privacy without the need to close curtains. I live nude where all three of these conditions make it impossible for someone to see I don't wear pants until they would come up onto my front porch.


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        the front window is very large and there are no trees to block the view I don't think I will be going naked in the near future during the daytime