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Talking to friends at school about a nude beach

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  • Talking to friends at school about a nude beach

    I am working on a story where Peter is taken by his Parents to a nude beach he comes across some classmates after being hesitant at first joins them in the fun at the beach. His Friends are Boys and girls. Would they talk about it at school the next day or not.

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    How old are the characters? Older elementary kids can understand that they shouldn't talk about certain things at school, but those seven and under generally don't have such a filter even if they were told not to discuss things at school. Even with the older students, they may just talk about the beach activities and not the state of dress while they were playing.

    Bob S.


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      They are upper elementary school


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        Based on my interactions with younger people (much younger), I agree with Bob S. that a lot would depend on the ages. With upper elementary students, I think that it would depend on the setting. If they were only talking with others who had been with them at the nude beach, I suspect there would be no reluctance. If others were present who were known nude beach regulars there probably would be no reluctance either. With others, who did not know about these experiences, likely there would be little or nothing said that could be overheard or misinterpreted.


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          It's fiction. Write what you want to. There would be kids that would keep it quiet no matter their age, and there are kids that would have no qualms discussing it with anyone who would listen. When I was of that age, I longed to be a nudist. I was not because it was not part of my family or community culture. We did sneak off and play naked at times, but thought it was wrong. At college age, skinny dipping was common and we had no trouble talking about it. Give the kids a voice in your story and let them be open about visiting the beach and how good it felt. There could be more story there than keeping it a secret.


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            i am assuming, then, that is group is middle school students in grades 6 through 8. first off, let me say i have some knowledge of this age group or close enough. i recently retired from teaching high school after 44 years. and both my daughters went to the school i taught at from K through grade 12 so i have their experience in mind as well.

            i am also assuming that the students are all at least "okay" with being at a nude beach since they were there and they participated along with others and with their family members in being nude. so, i would think that the group who was all together might indeed talk about their experience with each other back at school. and they would do so as "responsible" nudists (again, assuming their parents raised them as such). that is, they would talk about how much fun it was to swim, play games in the water, catch some sun, etc, without reference to being nude while doing all that. they would just share about a good day at the beach with friends.

            the difficulty would come about if someone NOT in their group got wind of the outing and found out that all the kids were nude at a nude beach. MS kids can be brutal and MS kids are just at the age where puberty is hitting them so other non-nudists would see this strictly as a sexual event and would not understand that nudity does not need to be so. these other students might then spread the word around that these others were all together nude. when word gets around in a MS, it gets around fast!

            so as you write this episode, dealing with that fallout of the non-nudists and the nudists should be addressed sensibly and realistically.

            just my opinion, here...
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              Upper elementary school would be grade four to six