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Legality of Home Nudist Club?

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  • Legality of Home Nudist Club?

    I would like to find out about the legalities of having a home nudist club. Despite my user name this would be a small indoor spa like club with a capacity for 7 to 10 nudists. Background info- within my state there is 1 large nudist resort which is the largest land wise in the U.S. plus a few very small outdoor clubs. And for what it is worth (and it is not worth much) there are 2 fully nude strip clubs operating in the state.

    So if there were no problems created like parking or noise would this be allowed by law enforcement authorities? Any lawyers out there?

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    A club would be considered a business in most states subject to applicable laws and regulations, in the areas of zoning, liability insurance, health, etc. It would be simpler to informally invite your nudist friends into your home for get-togethers in the buff, in my opinion.


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      I am a nude "Greeter" at two places in Las Vegas.

      Both places are large homes and large pools. Smaller crowd


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        As noted by SwedNu, such an operation would likely be deemed a business. Regulations vary greatly by state regarding in-home or at home business. Depending on your location you would be dealing with zoning codes to start. Since usage would be inside the building and things like access to spa units you would also be looking at health code regulations as well as fire department or other building code occupancy restrictions. If outdoors you would also be responsible for adding any safety fencing to keep small children out.

        The biggest issue might be visibility of the amenities. In almost all states the laws read in such a sway that you are responsible for shielding nudity from nearby neighbors or passers-by. So a high fence up to the limits allowed would likely also be needed.

        An even broader question would be if you established this as a commercial operation or just invite friends over or keep access limited to a known group of people. Once funds change hands in any way it is no longer a home with a hot tub but a commercial venture. If you are in an area zoned strictly for homes, you may not be able to get a variance.

        Worth noting that something of this nature has been done in the past by people I know (long since moved on) but they were in a very rural area with a lot of land around them and well set back from the main road. A friend of mine (now passed) had a hot tub and an over-sized patio for his own personal enjoyment with proper fencing that no one could see through or over. He did not operate it commercially but would sometimes have small groups of friends over for a cook out, etc Since this was all on his land and not operated commercially he only had to worry about a safety fence, but his privacy fencing did that job in his township.


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          I think you would really need to speak to an attorney in your community who specializes in zoning and business regulation. Some areas treat private clubs (i.e. open to members only, not the general public) differently from commercial businesses, so maybe a membership based model would make more sense. Maybe this could be made to work under an Air BNB type model? Or, depending on how near the neighbors are maybe you could just fly under the radar. Alternatively, if you could find someone with a similar set up in your community (even if nudism wasn't directly involved) and see what they dealt with in setting it up.


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            In Las Vegas I Greet for one and hostess parties for the other two. All three are large homes and large pools. Large property with walls. It's obviously doable as I am at one typing this.


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              There are several non-landed clubs in the U.S. Contact them for info on legal issues they've faced.


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                  I would like to add that this club would be un incorporated & not operate as a business. I or we would not be charging any fees or membership dues. This would have an attendance of from 10 - 20 (I know in my op I typed 7-10, but I think there is room for up to 20) "members". The only tip off would be neighbors noticing people going in & out of the residence or club. You have to realize there is always 1 Mrs. Kravits on every residential street in America. Any more thoughts?


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                    It sounds as though you're just having bunch of friends over to your house on a regular basis. Maybe all 15-20 of you gather regularly to celebrate each other's birthdays, or to watch the big game, or to play bridge. I wonder if you're not overthinking this. The nosy neighbors will wonder, but if you don't break any rules in terms of parking (a big issues), noise (ditto), or people stripping before they get in the house, you might fly under the radar. Perhaps you could make a point to have a few clothed participants out by the grill, or looking at something in the garage so there's some cover.