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    I am trying to do something that would possibly make the world a better, friendlier place, but it seems that people are happier when they fuss at those who are just trying to help. So, guess what? I QUIT! You people just want to make others feel bad. You don't care about any causes that would help the world or yourselves!

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    I would say that when you truly believe in a cause and are working to bring about positive change, you need to keep pushing. Many people will make comments. The best thing to do with the comments is to filter out those things and ideas that when implemented could strengthen your efforts and to ignore the others. It would be hard to find a new idea that was accepted universally at the beginning. Thanks for your efforts.


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      I'm trying my best, but it's really hard to ignore negative comments. They do hurt, but I really want this petition to get passed. I would really like to show those naysayers how I honestly feel about them.


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        I believe that you really do care yet, but as you can see any of us that looked at your petition do not feel it is in our interest to sign it. Here are my objections. 1. It is directed at the wrong people. Those addressed in your petition are concerned with much more important things than working with a very splintered special interest group that wants to be naked. 2. You do not have wording that I would considered effective. The reasoning for wanting the freedom to be nude and not have it unlawful may be valid. Those reasons are likely to be valid by only a small percentage of voters. 3. There are many situations where even millions of people demand changes to the law, but there is not enough money available to organize the cause and petition lawmakers. 4. It is my opinion that you have to start locally, not nationally. 5. Getting a beach or park or part thereof in your community is a good first step.

        The best thing that can be done for your cause is to show that it makes money. If an attraction such as nude venues in your community can be shown to be a tourist attraction, business revenues through out the town will see increases in profits, and the local governments will see increased tax revenue from those profits. Just writing and circulating a petition is not enough. It takes a lot of organizational skill, fund raising time, and significant numbers of volunteers to promote the cause after all of the math has been done.


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          I'm in agreement with nudeyooper. I read the petition and did not feel it was worth the time to sign it. Definitely go with #4 above. Work on something local, and the financial side is always a good one to pursue. There is absolutely no chance that national politicians in the US will advocate for greater acceptance of nudism. Maybe you can get your city manager or county executive to tell the police or sheriff to look the other way if people are nude on a section of beach or on the frisbee golf course on Sunday morning. Then make sure anyone who goes to those newly nude places stops at the coffee shop nearby and spends some $$ while saying where they just were. Another idea would be to find a local business or institution (museum, etc.) to host a nude night once in a while. Look at what the Pittsburgh Area Naturists are doing. Bowling, Karaoke, museum tours.

          The only way naturism/nudism will grow is from the ground up. Sorry to be negative. I think the other objection people had was that you posted about the petition on so many different topics.


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            Definitely worthwhile to start local Starting nationally is just shooting into the darkness and hoping...... Where is home to you David, someone here can probably put you in contact with someone