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What nudist venue would you like to visit that you have not yet been to?

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  • What nudist venue would you like to visit that you have not yet been to?

    I'll start.

    Haulover Beach in Miami Beach.

    My impression is that Haulover is among the top three nude beaches in the United States, the other two being Blacks Beach in San Diego and Gunnison Beach in the Sandy Hook area of New Jersey. I have been to Florida several times, but the only thing I've done in Miami is pass through the airport.

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    Love Haulover
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      My remaining bucket list is Haulover, Paradise Lakes, and Lake Como in FL , Montelivet, and Bare Oaks


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        Regarding locations outside the United States, I am intrigued by Cap d'Agde in France and Vera Playa in Spain. Both are nude beach communities complete with restaurants and stores. I've read that Cap d'Agde has a swinger vibe, but it seems to be more of a problem during the low season, not during the summer.

        Some of the larger resorts in France also intrigue me - Montalivet, Euronat, and La Jenny. Ile du Levant seems like another good possibility. I'd be interested in seeing the comments from anyone who has experience with any of these.

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          Montalivet in France, but I doubt that I'll ever get there at this stage in my life.

          Bienvenue au camping naturiste. Pour vos vacances, découvrez le naturisme en France au CHM-Montalivet, situé en Gironde au bord de l’océan Atlantique.


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            There are currently none that are official or legal, but I would make it a point to enjoy a beach and the water on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan.


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              White Tail Resort in Virginia.


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                One of these days, I want to visit Germany; I think there are good nudist places there.


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                  Originally posted by Scardinius View Post
                  One of these days, I want to visit Germany; I think there are good nudist places there.
                  Germans seem to be much more relaxed about nudity, but I'm not sure Germany could claim to be the most nudist friendly country in Europe.

                  Just about all beaches are clothing optional in Denmark.

                  France has a clothing optional beach town on the Mediterranean coast, Cap d'Agde. Unfortunately, it has gained a reputation as being a swinger destination though I'm told this is only in certain areas and at certain times.

                  Nudity is at least tolerated in the tourist areas of Ile du Levant, including the town, Heliopolis, though nudity is discouraged in the port area.

                  There are several large nudist resorts on the Atlantic coast of France, including Euronat, La Jenny, and Montalivet.

                  Most beaches in Spain are clothing optional.

                  Spain also has a clothing optional beach town, Vera Playa.

                  Croatia has several nudist destinations. At Valalta, you can dock your boat nude. I have heard that some Croatia resorts are now trying to go upscale and cater to textiles, so be sure to check for the latest information.

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                    So many places in Europe to put on the bucket list of naturist destinations indeed!


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                      We were members at Cypress Cove for several years in the mid ‘70s to the mid ‘80s . But it has grown so much I’d like to visit just to see it. It’s a full fledged resort now.


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                        Any resort in Austrailia


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                          I always wanted to go to one of those Russian or Ukrainian resorts where body painting and beauty contests happen


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                            Ditto with Skeeterbait. I would like to visit any of his suggestions