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Answering the door-do you put a shirt on?

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  • Answering the door-do you put a shirt on?

    Mostly a guy question. Door bell rings, Pop the shorts on that are hanging by the door. Do you you also put a shirt on?

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    If I am in my jockeys or boxer briefs, I don't even bother with the shorts. Had Jehovah's Witnesses never return even after engaging them in conversation.


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      If I don't have a shirt on when the door bell rings, I'll stay that way. I'll even follow them to their car when they leave, shirtless.
      Jehovah's Witnesses, it's been quite a few years since they have been over here. They came to the house one time and the wife opened the door. She called me over and of course, I went to see who it was (she motioned to me who it was). I dropped my shorts (that's all I was wearing) before turning the corner, and there I was, fully naked. They got a full glimpse and literally ran down the sidewalk. Haven't seen them since.


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        I don't bother with a shirt, not much reason to


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          I answered the door one time to find a couple middle-aged women trying to interest me in Jehovah's Witnesses or some such.
          I was not interested, but they were so nice and polite I couldn't be rude to them.
          I responded that, not meaning to be rude, the best I could respond, in terms they would not misunderstand, they would be practicing Onanism, spreading their seed where it would not grow.
          They seemed to blush, but understood what I meant, and left, politely, thanking me for my time...