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    Here it is in November, when the weather is turning cooler, which it has, but for the past several days, the sun has been out and, not hot, but nice. We have a patio facing the sun, and the way it is situated, the breezes coming from the north are blocked. I have been able to lay out and keep my tan. Today I was out, and the sun actually got a little warm. They are calling for a chance of rain this week, but until then, I'll work on my tan. I dread the days of full blown winter, when we have nothing but overcast, fog, etc., and the sun is blocked days at a time. Hopefully it won't come down to that, but in the mean time, it's "tan city" for me.
    Anybody else experiencing an unusually warm winter, so far?

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    Yes, the temperature today was near 40 and the snow on the ground is melting. Even got hit with a few raindrops this morning. While not normal we have had bare ground on this date in other years. Since I never go out into the sun for the expressed purpose of tanning, I did a little work inside today while nude.


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      The temps were in the 70s several days in north Georgia this month. I was able to take nude advantage of those days and visited a local club. It was a weekday and there wasn’t anything going on but still nice to be able to walk around nude for a few hours. But now winter is settling in. Hoping for an early spring.


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        I agree--an early spring would be great.


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          Since I started this topic about three weeks ago, we have had some miserable foggy days when the sun wasn't seen for days at a time. There have been some sunny days in between, but this past weekend seemed like spring. The sun was out and it actually got pretty warm. Yes, I took advantage of it. Hope it stays this way. I can handle the foggy/overcast days just as long as there are sunny days at times to "spruce" up my tan.