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Stupid Sexual questions

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  • Stupid Sexual questions

    I guess it doesn't matter where you go, there will always be those that just can't help themselves. Asking questions that just have nothing to do with being a nudist. They just can't separate the two things. It bothers me to see them, but I know we my (nudist) never be able to rid ourselves of them. But I am always hopeful.

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    I try to look at it this way, it's an opportunity to educate. And at least they asked which shows me they are curious and want to learn


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      In a land where nudity equates to sex for most people, these kinds of questions are going to be asked. I agree with Noodfellaz take on it as an educational opportunity. True, there may be some that are asked just to see what kind of answer comes, but the new nudist will have plenty of questions and they deserve honest answers even if those answers have been given previously. If the same questions are being asked repeatedly, there must be a need for more explanation


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        To add something, I was visiting my local C/O resort, I entered an otherwise neglected space ( large yurt, there for some (unknown) reason. While I was there a young woman (I'd call her a girl, I was 40ish yrs old and she was a teen) came in and walked past. I was struck by her beauty and grace. She was poised, elegant, nearly regal in her persona. I was filled with admiration for her, not lust. Her confidence, poise, grace was amazing. She passed through and I went on my way, thinking she was someone special...


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          That is why one has to be careful about deciding who we share details of our naturist-related adventures. Not everyone 'gets it', sorry to say.