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Lopsidedness in the gender

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  • Lopsidedness in the gender

    I was able to spend part of the day at Hippie Hollow. There was a fare number of people there today. The weather was nice about 80F and partly sunny. Great weather to hang out nude by the lake. While there I was able to make observations about the genders. Yes there were more men then women. But there was a good amount of females there today. About a third were fully undressed, and a third topless and a third with swim suits on. I would say that about two thirds were with a man and the other third were with female groups. I was also able to observe how they were affected by other men around them. And I can see why there are the ones that are afraid of getting nude around strangers. Hippie Hollow is open to the public for a small fee. So I saw all types there today. Older men walking up to the small girl groups, as well as those with simi erections and fully. I was very frustrated with what I saw and ashamed of me gender. If we are ever able to become equal with the other gender we have to start behaving more like gentlemen and less like animals. As a long time nudist and a single male, I can totally understand a women's side to not wanting to be part of the life style. I am not sure what to do about it, I just try and behave like a gentleman. And hope it will rub off on some.

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    That's an issue with public venues.
    My wife swore off public nudity after being gawked at on a nude beach. Luckily she agreed to give social nudity another chance at a nudist resort. She was much more comfortable there, didn't feel as "targeted" as she'd been on the nude beach; and we have been resort nudists ever since.

    I always recommend taking a wife/GF to a nudist resort FIRST. There are rules about behavior there; and not anyone can just walk off the street to access them. Which makes for a much "safer" environment to be nude in.


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      one problem is that with fact that there are more males than females is that often Some males would be looking at new females out of curiosity which makes the females nervous so they don't join.
      Most likely Ladies might also look at the new man for the same reason.


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        The worst is the clothed men that have to ogle at nude women. Most public nude areas I’ve been to have way too many clothed men that make everyone uncomfortable


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          One Suggestion is to find these Clothed men and have some of the guys just talk with them. It doesn't have to be about nudity, but if they are talking to you they are not staring at the girls.