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Nudity in unusual / unexpected situations - any stories?

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  • Nudity in unusual / unexpected situations - any stories?

    I would be curious to hear members' stories about nudism - either on their part or someone else's - in usual settings or situations. Here are a couple of stories that come to mind.

    1) I once had a job working 'concessions' at a movie theatre in NYC. (Since closed, but it was a 'village' mainstay a long time.) We had various hangers-on and random associates who would stop by to shoot the breeze with the employees. Probably the most memorable co-worker was a 'punk rocker' with a butt-ugly 'mohawk' on his otherwise shaved head. One day a female associate gave me a 'free show' by changing out of her shirt and bra in front of me. She was apparently an exhibitionist, and that was one 'perk' of the job that the boss didn't tell me about beforehand! lol

    2) At this same job, we had to deal with an 'exhibitionist' of another, less welcome kind - a ticket-buyer for "Rocky Horror" (as we hosted weekend screenings of the well-known 'cult classic'). Before the show began, some guy (he might have been high on something) stood up in his seat and started dancing. He then pulled down his trousers, and he wasn't wearing underwear (or he pulled down his underwear as well). The theater's security got into action right away, and made him leave. The others in the crowd applauded this. Apparently, spontaneous nudity is a bit too much even for the 'Rocky Horror' crowd.

    3) It took a long time of living here in NYC, but c. 2019 or so I saw a man walking down Broadway stark naked! It was at night-time, and I had just left a building. I saw this naked man - maybe in his 30s or so - doing a mad dash down the street. He bumped into an older couple as he ran past a drug store, and I still remember the look on their faces as he ran past them. I dont think they will forget that moment any time soon! lol I saw a woman on her cell phone, making what seemed to be a call to 911 about this man. I tried to do follow-up research about this matter on the internet, but saw no stories about a guy busted for indecent exposure that night. It reminded me of a story I saw in the local papers, c. 2016 I think - about a man seen naked in Times Square. the paper showed pix of him (with his privates blurred) walking down the street and then getting arrested. It turns out that he wasn't a drug addict or homeless, as you might think. He actually was a college grad, working a steady job. The guy I spotted, tho, seemed to be pretty far gone mentally - like he was truly out of his gourd.