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    I figured it was the right time to talk about how you began with nudism. Everyone knows that I actually started being a nudist because of my pornography addiction. Not addicted now, but nudism certainly saved me.

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    I can remember as early as seven or eight years old enjoying being naked and wanting to see others naked too, especially girls. I thought that living on an island would be perfect because I could be nude all the time. We sometimes played take your clothes off games and the one girl in our group joined the boys. My first real nude experience outside of the locker rooms and showers was my college nude swimming class. I then fell in love with a coed who lived on a lake and skinny dipping was a regular thing for us. On occasion I slept nude but did not make it a regular thing until after I was married. I exercised nude too, that is when I exercised. After my divorce, I was nude more often in my home and did my first time of not getting dressed for a couple of days. I still sleep nude, exercise nude, still not that often, skinny dip when I can, and bicycle nude sometimes too. I don't consider myself very social and have no nudist friends. The largest group I was part of was at a visit to a clothing optional beach.


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      I was six or seven when my cousin showed me his Dad's stash of a nudie health mag. I was fascinated with the nude families playing sports and swimming naked like it was the normal thing to do. I wanted to live like that. When I was home alone, I was naked. And a few years later started sleeping naked. One night I fell asleep, naked, on the couch. I woke up to Mom, Dad, and two younger brothers standing over me, totally nude, lying on my back with no blanket. I just got up, walked to my bed and went to sleep. Nothing was ever said about it. I was about 15 at the time.

      ​​​Getting married 5 yrs later, I seldom wore clothes in the house. when kids started getting a little older I covered most of the time, but they still would come and go when I was nude in the bedroom without much thought it just wasn't a big deal, and I didn't make it one. When kids went off to college, off came my clothes and I've become a fulltime, dyed in the wool, nude beach, naked resort visiting, bare butt nudist, and love it.