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  • Most unusual thing while nude

    Several years ago, living in another state, we lived in the country, surrounded by open fields. I'm an avid hunter and we ate only wild game meat for many years. One Sunday morning, as most mornings, I was soaking in my hot tub, enjoying the crisp fall sunrise. I heard the honking of a flock of Canadian geese, a prize for any bird hunter. They appeared, about 20 geese, just above the treetops,, with their wings set to land in the field on the other side of the house. We(my Golden Retriever)just watched them disappear over the house. It was hunting season, I had my bird stamp, so I grabbed my loaded 12ga shotgun from the garage and slipped back in the hot tub. After a few minutes, I heard the familiar honking. I grabbed my gun, and sat still, in the tub. Here they come, over the treetops, about 12 Canadians(geese). I slowly aimed and shot at the lead goose. They flared, except for one that came tumbling down, on the other side of the house. I just sat there, naked in my hot tub, with a big smile, thinking, I can't believe I just shot a goose, naked from my hot tub. I started to get out, to go get the goose, when my Golden came trotting up with the goose in her mouth.
    About 5 min later, while I was plucking my goose, my wife came out the door asking what I was shooting. Standing there, naked, except for a few errant feathers attached ti my wet body, I proudly held up my goose. She just shook her head and told me to hurry so we wouldn't be late for church. I sure wish I'd had her take a photo.
    I've told several friends and hunnting buddies that story. They just shake their head and say,"No, nope, i won't ever top that one. And naked to boot."

    Lets hear about your most unusual naked thing.