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complaining about nudity in a changing room

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  • complaining about nudity in a changing room

    (2) Karen Enters MEN'S Locker Room, Demands They Cover Up... | r/EntitledParents Reddit Stories - YouTube

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    I believe that there are some people who are so unhappy that they look for things to complain about. If a woman came into the men's locker room, I would have no inclination to do anything other than change. If a shower was warranted, I would walk nude to and from that shower without a towel in hand. There is usually no place to keep one dry in gang showers.

    Many years ago the Red Cross was giving toddler swimming lessons in the Holiday Inn pool. There was a sauna in each gender's locker room but the one in the men's was out of order. They were told that they could use the women's. At the end of the lesson, one woman wanted to change, but because there were men in the women's locker room she chose to go into the men's and had another woman stand guard. She took a very long time to get dressed and my family was waiting for me. I debated as to whether to just go in or change right on the pool deck. Either choice would probably been a bad one, but I chose to go into my locker room and fortunately for the occupant, she was just about ready to leave.

    Some forty years later, the decision would not be hard to make. If a woman did not want to see a naked man, she should not be in a men's room. However, if we had an enlightened populace, there would not be segregated rooms. There really should be more nudity allowed. That way it would not be considered indecent.