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The reason humans have pubic hair.

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  • The reason humans have pubic hair.

    I saw a documentary on human evolution many years ago. Most mammals have hair over most of their body but relatively little around their genitals. Humans are the opposite.

    The narrator speculated that the reason humans have pubic hair concerns of sexual attraction. The pubic hair captures a musky scent.

    I think the narrator was wrong.

    I believe the real reason has to do with walking and running upright, having lots of sweat glands, and the need for body temperature control.

    If you run on a warm day while wearing shorts, the shorts will become saturated with sweat.

    If you run without shorts, your pubic region will become saturated with sweat. Some of this sweat will run downward from your upper body, but much of it will be generated in the pubic region.

    The pubic hair becomes saturated with sweat, and the evaporation helps cool the body.

    If you run nude on a warm day, you will find that your public region actually stays cooler than much of the rest of your body.

    That's my theory. It seems it would be easy to test this by having athletes run nude on a treadmill while using infrared imaging to map their body temperature.

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    Interesting concept. I do believe you're right in that the hair aids in the cooling process.


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      Well, when your body responds to heat, it does need to cool off. You're theory might work, if we can find some athletes that are willing to run nude.


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        I once saw a documentary that suggested that it served as a lubricant. I guess it makes sense because it retains perspiration, which does make things slippery. Too bad I can't remember how far back it was or who produced it.


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          Makes sense. I have hair everywhere else I sweat. (armpits, head, chest)