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Very new to the nudist lifestyle, and loving it so far...

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  • Very new to the nudist lifestyle, and loving it so far...

    I am fairly new to the nudity lifestyle (since June 2023). I wasn't sure how my wife would react as she isn't into it herself, but she didn't even bat an eye when she saw me walking around the house naked all of a sudden and then into the backyard. I have seen other threads on spouses that aren't into being nude themselves and I am not of the mind to try and change her. I think she would start to get a different feeling about herself overtime, as I did if she tried it.

    I will be 60 this year and about 60 lbs heavier than I would like but going naked and reading through the forums (on similar topics) has really helped me with my view of myself and others. I stated to my wife that I would like her to try it herself as I think it would help her own view of herself. But that I would in no way try and talk her into it and that it is totally her decision. I told her I would welcome her anytime if she ever chooses. She knows I am not doing it to get her to be more interested in me physically (we have been married for over 36 years now).

    I just really enjoy the feeling (indoors and out in the backyard) of being naked. Maybe someday she will join me. If not, that is fine. I still enjoy it.

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    Here's a word of caution. Be careful when using the word "lifestyle". The term has been co-opted by swingers.


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      Ahh..... good to know. Wasn't sure what to put there (showing my newness to this obviously). I am certainly not a swinger. Very happily married in a monogamous relationship for a long time.


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        Welcome, though. It is certainly freeing, that is for sure.