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    Originally posted by TXK NUDE:
    [qb]I too enjoy driving nude, though I usually limit myself to long drives (inter city) and late at night. For instance, I recently had to be at church alone, and since it was a hot night, I drove the 45 plus miles back home nude. I drove both the back roads, through many sleepy towns, and the interstate, right next to roaring semis without anyone noticing. Of course, when I drive nude, I am VERY conscious of the speed limits, as I don't want to attract undue attention from the patrol car parked unassumingly under the pass over bridge. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]
    As to the law, I would guess it depends on where you are. In Texas, being nude, even in public is really only punishable if someone complains. I heard a story of a young man who drove nude in his Jeep, tops and sides down, and when pulled over by the policeman, he only got a ticket for driving without shoes on! I don't know if it's true or not, but needless to say, I always drive with my shoes on![/qb]


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      ok to drive nude if nobody sees you in this condition so long as if you are about to be seen cover up i drove all the way from london to Inverness naked in a lorry no problem


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        I haven't driven nude,
        unless you count the times I was within a nudist resort.

        But if you happen to be driving nude on the New York State Thruway,
        and a toll attendant sees you nude,
        they are instructed to call State Police and report you,
        as you are considered a distraction to other drivers.


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          I've driven nude lots of times with no problems. I do it often, but I live in a rural area, so it's easy. My longest trip was from central Texas to Colorado and back. That trip lasted several days and was the perfect solution to that long, long drive!

          However, my advice to you is to exercise care in your route plan and have something to cover up with...just in case! Make sure where you intend to drive isn't going to involve you being seen at stoplights and in close traffic, although you can get away with it pretty easily at night, but it's not as much fun.

          The police will most likely write you a ticket of some sort if you get reported by other drivers, and they ALL have cell phones these days. So obey all traffic rules, avoid driving next to people, and stay out of the city if you can. Otherwise, have fun! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]


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            I don't know about the legality but would assume that a cop wouldn't do anything unless you were reported or easily seen. And even then sometimes maybe do nothing, it's really up to the cop to decide. If a cop really wants to ticket you, he can charge you something, that's the way things work around here...

            That said, I drove naked last spring from Austin, TX to New Mexico...or at least most of the way there naked...It was still hot and humid in Texas and I was alone and it was the middle of the night so I drove until 6:30am naked where I stopped for a nap at a rest stop. Sleep a little while, got up and took my clothes off again and hit the road but only drove for a bit longer as it got chilly out near El Paso and the sun was rising...but all that evening I drove nude with the sun roof open to the stars and was nice...I also drove naked on the way back...comfy [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]