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Masonry and Nudism/Naturism

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  • Masonry and Nudism/Naturism

    I am wondering if there any other Nudis/Naturists out there that are members of the Masonic Lodge. I am interested in talking to them or viewing their web sites.

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    I am wondering if there any other Nudis/Naturists out there that are members of the Masonic Lodge. I am interested in talking to them or viewing their web sites.


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      Hello friend,
      You do realize the Freemasonry has no connection to Christianity don't you? Many are drawn in to the masons believing the it is just a differenly flavoured church but, until you have passed through many levels or grades the truth is kept hidden from new members. Did you have to make a "blood-oath" or anything else that seemed strange when you joined? The Blood of Jesus covers all our sins and no performance or works we do can add to or detract from that one iota. The symbols on the red fez hat that the Shiners wear are a moon and a sword. These are symbols that any muslim will be intimate with in the Koran. Their pagan symbol (the moon) , vanquishing the enemy (all others by the sword), and the red felt symbolizes the blood of those vanquished by that sword.
      Ask someone higher up of these things and see if they don't just dodge your questions. If you do believe your are a Christian , then ask Jesus to personally lead you. I believe He will lead you out of Freemasonry.
      Other Christian nudist can be found at the "Fig Leaf Forum" and ""

      God bless and quide you,



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        Dear Smoof,
        It is not wise to jump to asumptions about something you do not have knowledge about. As a Mason and a Shriner I find your posting a insult to me and all of my brothers. I for one will not be quiet while you and your kind degrade a fine organization like the Masonic Brotherhood. Kindly research this topic before you open your mouth again. When you are researching this topic look up all of the Presidents and other people who guided this Country to greatness and you will find that a large amount of them wee Masons.

        Our organization is not anti christ. We are brothers all together.


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          smoof - i find it amazing how "good" christians can be so blind as to analyze every little thing in life and come up with such stupid ideas. seems like you better stay in church as you will find offence in every thing us non-christians do. you should not have revealed your ignorance in a post; next time save it for a private message....


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            Originally posted by Smoof:
            [qb]Hello friend,
            You do realize the Freemasonry has no connection to Christianity don't you? Many are drawn in to the masons believing... [HUGE SNIP][/qb]
            I'm not a Mason, but my great-grandfather, some other members of my family, and a couple of close friends were/are. Spouting off without benefit of knowledge or wisdom, aren't you?

            Why do some people always feel a need to villify everything they don't understand or that doesn't fit into their tiny little worldview? At least, I assume from your post that you're villifying Freemasons, Muslims, and Pagans. If I'm wrong, please correct me. Perhaps you would like to know something about any of those groups? I could gladly educate you about some aspects of Paganism, so that you at least know what you're talking about next time.


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              Originally posted by jrh_ind:
              [qb]I am wondering if there any other Nudis/Naturists out there that are members of the Masonic Lodge. I am interested in talking to them or viewing their web sites.[/qb]
              As I said, I'm not a Mason. I do know that you need to approach them about getting information or joining; they don't recruit.

              You might look up the nearest lodge in your phone book. I suspect that they are much like any other group: some are interested in naturism, some are not. Either way, I think they're a fine group to be affiliated with.


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                Hello new friends,
                I am speaking to you in love, not to villify anyone, only to tell you what I do know, that Jesus Christ loves you and desires for you. I would like to meet you all in Heaven one day "clothed only in glory" so my desire is for you also. There are many fine men in masonry, my grandfather was one of them and my father still has his masonic things, but these fine men have simply been misled by their teachings. I only pray that my grampa did find Jesus before died.

                Here is some information, the whole article can be viewed here...

                "Masonic authority24 Albert Pike also denies the biblical God. He argues that "if our conceptions of God are those of the ignorant, narrow-minded, and vindictive Israelite...we feel that it is an affront and an indignity to [God]...."25 Anyone who has ever read what Albert Pike and other Masons have taught about God in the higher degrees of Masonry knows that the God of Masonry has nothing whatever to do with the God of the Bible.26 For example, Pike categorized the God of Scripture as a false god and an idol when he wrote that "every religion and every conception of God is idolatrous, insofar as it is imperfect, and as it substitutes a feeble and temporary idea in the shrine of that Undiscoverable Being [of Masonry]..." (emphasis added).27"

                The Masonic Ritual of the First, Second, and Third Degrees never instructs its members that Jesus is the only mediator between God and men. It never tells them they can't truthfully call God their Father until they have a relationship with His Son. It doesn't tell initiates that they can't build their spiritual house until they ask Jesus Christ to forgive them of their sins and build it for them. No Mason is ever told officially that a man can never do enough good deeds or live a pure enough life to gain admission into the Celestial Lodge Above, or that entrance into heaven comes only by faith in Jesus Christ. The truth is that by its ritual, teachings, and prayers, Masonry does ignore and deny Jesus Christ.37"

                Written with love and hope brother, not mockery.

                Genesis 2:25
                And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.


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                  Oh, hell, I might as well say somethin'. Dang, I feel like such a loser, with nothin' better to do on a saturday night. I have this to say. Masonites think they are god's gift to the world because their ancestors supposedly built the pyramids of Egypt. But you know what? Tempering one's skills with nature, like the cherokees did, is much more of a challenge.
                  I'd sooner take a time-machine back to before the european cro-mags destroyed our neandertal brothers.


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                    Smoof: Please confine your argument to the "Nudity and Religion" thread available on this forum. This discussion has absolutely nothing to do with naturism. Anyone who wants to continue this debate please go to the above mentioned thread.

                    Unkat27: Welcome to the INA forum dude. You're not the only one with nothing to do on a saturday night!


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                      Hail Bartamus,
                      Sorry, I forgot I was nude and natural. You are right, of course, I don't want to steer words away from the main topic. My fault. Sure, why not? Any one can be nude and natural, I got nothing against that. I just kind of forgot what it was like to be naked.
                      Please excuse me. It's saturday night, and well, nevermind.... unkat27


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                        I apologize for jumping to contraversy. I am new also to the forum and yours is an interesting topic.
                        The fact is, I had many different friends when I was in high school and one was, i found out later, a member of the masons. Although I found him to be somewhat of a snob, always looking down at me for being a catholic fool, we did have some interesting conversations and I'll always remember him for that.
                        I formally apologize for my earlier crude words and
                        welcome you to the field of naturism. Unfortunately,
                        i myself am not a mason. I'd still rather do things the cherokee way. unkat27


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                          As a Mason I can tell you that we believe in a supreme being. We do not call him Jesus because we have Jewish Masons, Budist Masons, Arab Masons, and Masons who believe in all of the worlds religions. To be all inclusive we only demand that all men who wish to become Masons believe in a Supreme Being. The Masons are not a religious organization but a fraternal one. Any person who wishes to become a Mason needs to find us we do not ask anyone to join. PLEASE research us instead of making up your mind on the sayings of one person who might not know what he is talking about.


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                            interesting. I guess the real test is finding you.
                            That must be as easy as getting into the white house through the underground. Very interesting. But to be frank, i don't think the white house is safe anymore.
                            Nor would be the pentagon. The smartest thing any mason could do is to relocate to Medina. As for the insults, if your uncle could take it, so can you.
                            Political satire is a one of the most truly american concepts we have. Unkat27


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                              Insults I can take. I have been dealing with small minded people for years. When someone searches for something it might be right in front of them.

                              But the hate that you spurt needs to be taken somewhere else.