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  • Full Nude verses Clothing optional

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      This is a subject that continues to be discussed on many message boards, as you are well aware of.

      A NUDIST club or resort should be just that.....NUDE (weather permitting). A clothing optional club or should have a choice. In this case, the kids should have been told, made aware of, or their parents reminded that it is a NUDE club and not clothing optional. In this case, at this NUDE club, your children and your friends children were made to feel uncomfortable with being nude. How are we suppose to nurture this lifestyle into our young and keep naturism from fading if we don't follow some simple rules regarding nude and clothing optional clubs and resorts.

      There is no question, no arguement and we fully agree that both types of venues have their place and are both very much needed for our lifestyle. My wife benefitted from a clothing optional Inn in Palm Springs for her first visit and introduction into social nudity. With that, she now prefers NUDE resorts and clubs and not clothing optional, though we do visit both, we prefer NUDE.

      What has happened is that some want to turn NUDE resorts into Clothing Optional by using the need to become accustom to being nude. My suggestion is.....visit a clothing optional resort or club until you become comfortable with total nudity.....then go and visit the NUDE club or resort.

      In our travels and experience, there is no doubt there are more clothing optional clubs and resorts than there are NUDE. I say...politely....keep your clothing optional preference at a C/O club or resort and STAY NAKED at a nude club or resort. The nudity expected, required...should have been enforced and should continue to be enforced at NUDE clubs and resorts.


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        I beleive that clothing optional resorts are not good because they hold the nasty risk of quickly becoming TEXTILE resorts because many people, if not all simply chose to stay clothed and then decide theyre not comfortable seeing nude people and thus the rules get changed. Having a nude resort is so people can go there and be NUDE, most people except newcomers and those with verifiable medical conditions *or when the weather is bad* should be expected to be NUDE at such places. If people want to go to a resort and wear clothes then they should go to a TEXTILE resort and not degrade the nude resorts by coming and insisting they adopt some lame clothing optional policy. Im sure this whole clothing optional thing works someplaces but I beleive overall its just asking for trouble and it will inevitably limit the amount of places us nudists have to freely go nude. I just say keep all the nudist resorts the way they are and expect people when they come there to be nude and no exceptions *except the above mentioned conditions*. You cant be leniant with these people otherwise theyll take advantage of it and trample all over you and then there go your nude freedoms.


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          Mikejb, before you talk about trampling all over nude freedoms perhaps you should go back and read your post of 10:02 on Christian nudists and then offer some justification for your "right" to decide for others what is and is not proper behavior.
          I still think you are actually 3 sophomores (still) who take turns posting. Come on fess up.


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            I can see C/O beaches but clubs should be nude period. One small concession, a clothing grace period -- a few hours or A day.


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              We prefer nude...but Adults only


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                I agree, if your going to have a Nudist Club, then everyone there should be nude.
                I don't mind seeing clothed people on a "nude beach" (except for gawkers) as long as they are polite. But that's a little different than a resort or club.

                I'd hate to spend good money to vacation at a nude resort and find the majority of the people running around with clothes on.
                It might even make someone suspicious of their reasons for being there.



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                  I agree with fireprof....having both availablewould be best


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                    Admittedly, I have the type of temperament that rebels at the thought of anyone being pressured to do anything they are not comfortable with, except for situations of paramount ethical/moral/illegal considerations.

                    Therefore I do not want to see any man pressure his wife to go to a nudist venue, and if she goes, I do not want to see her pressured to remove her clothes. Neither would I want to see children pressured to remove their clothing.
                    Trying to educate about naturism - YES; pressure, threats,- NO.
                    Allow the individual as much freedom (with responsibility toward others) as possible.

                    When I attended Turtle Lake Resort several times, a clothing optional resort, nearly everyone was nude. Of course, everyone was nude in the swimming pool, hot tub, mixed sex showers, beach and lake. No problem with this C/O resort,, as I see it.

                    I vote for C/O for all attendees, but I do not object to persons who exercise their freedom to go to resorts that require nudity at all times.


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                      Make whatever rules you want for adults but children should NEVER be forced to be nude.


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                        Originally posted by Cyndiannaked:
                        Make whatever rules you want for adults but children should NEVER be forced to be nude.

                        In your opinion at what age should they be rquired to follow the rules set at the club?


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                          The adults should go nude at the Nudist resort, but the kids not pressured to do so. They'll likely follow what they see the adults do, and if they don't, that should always be left to be their choice.. The adults should in no way mind what the kids are wearing, and know they'll come around to nudity,or not, but it should'nt have any bearing on the adults enjoyment of the resort.


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                            I was going to say: "The old clothing-optional v/s nude resort thing again?!" But this question actually has an interesting twist: it involves children.

                            When I go to a resort, whether it's clothing-optional or nude, I've made up my mind from the get-go that I'm going to get nude regardless of the nudity ratio or who is there. I may not like the fact that there may be too many clothed or semi-clothed people; but that won't stop me from going completely nude.

                            Kids, however, are more impressionable and subject to peer pressure. I've noticed it on many occasions: place a clothed child in the midst of nude children, and that child will probably be nude not very long thereafter. But place a nude child or two in the midst of clothed children, and the kid(s) will probably become self-conscious (they may remain nude, but not be quite as relax about it as they should be.)

                            My opinion: if you want your kids to be comfortable going completely nude, then you may want to stick to nude resorts. There is a demand and a need for clothing-optional resorts, so that can't and shouldn't be changed. Just find a nice nude resort.


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                              That is the point exactly...My kids are comfortable nude, however in this case they were not (for the most part) because the other kids were dressed.