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Jan 22 is Nude Beach Day

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  • Jan 22 is Nude Beach Day

    If you enjoy letting it all hang out, today may just be your lucky day! It’s Nude Beach Day! This annual event is celebrated every January 22nd to commemorate America’s first nude beach, which opened back in 1952, according to American Greetings. is the go-to source for millions of people who want to know what's happening in their city. And we're still growing!

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    Rats...if I had only known. I will have to mark this for next year.


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      It'll have to be Nude Club/Resort Day for us! Should be nice at the beach but will probably be warmer where we are going!


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        Bring some of that sunshine here FireProf. This time of year is depressing here in the valley where the low pressure sets in and we don't see any sunshine for days. Hate living in the valley, but the summers are nice. lol The valley is covered with high fog, but the rest of Kalifornia is nice and sunny.


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          Originally posted by Rockdad
          We have never been to a nude beach. and the beach is one of Luann's favorite things. There is none even remotely close to us except by a Boeing Airliner. So alas we will miss celebrating Nude Beach day. BUT we are excited about visiting Haulover Beach next month.

          Have a great time! Hey will you be there at the same time the Northeast Festival is taking place?

          Oh - I thought of going to Nude Beach Day here in Massachusetts but --- not enough people out there in 30F temps for volleyball... aw gee...


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            I meant the mid-winter Festival at Sunsport Feb 12-17...