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White Tail Resort 5K Race, June 27, 2015

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  • White Tail Resort 5K Race, June 27, 2015

    The annual 5K race at White Tail Resort in Ivor, Virginia is schedules for June 27. Just in case any member of this forum wants to say "Hello!", I'll be the guy wearing black Nikes with gray soles. That probably isn't an adequate description, so I'll add that I'll probably be driving a gray Nissan truck and I'll probably have my mountain bike with me to check out the course before the race.

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    My time was mediocre (27m 47s), but at least I didn't get lapped. The race features three laps of a course that winds through the resort. In past years, the winner passed me just before I completed my second lap. This year, I actually completed my second lap just ahead of the winner completing his third. Since I didn't see the winner finish, I had to wait until the awards ceremony to find out who had won.


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      Nobody from the forum approached me during the event. Of course, my description was probably too vague for anyone to recognize me. I counted three other gray Nissan trucks, and one of those also had a bike in the back.


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        Hey, Mosquito_Bait, I was there at the run. Didn't do as well as you though. I also didn't see this post back then. If they have one this year will you attend?


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          The date is set - June 25, 2016. I plan to be there. Butts a Runnin' has the event listed on their website, but registration doesn't seem to be open yet on the SportOften website.


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            Registration still isn't open. I emailed them a couple weeks ago and was told it would be active this week or next week.