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World Record Skinny Dip Across America July 11

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  • World Record Skinny Dip Across America July 11

    More than 60 nudist resorts across the U.S. and Canada, including five in Southern California, will be participating in the July 11 World Record Skinny-Dip Across North America.

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    We took part in it at Cedar Waters....


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      "Over 5,400 nudists simultaneously skinny-dipped on July 11 at more than 80 AANR-affiliated clubs and nude beaches across North America. While AANR did not break its previous record, which has yet to be broken, it did break the record for a FUN time and a whole lot of wonderful publicity.

      According to Mary Jane Kolassa at Above Water Public Relations & Marketing, AANR’s PR representative, specific to the Skinny-Dip in June and July, there were roughly 50 articles, television and radio news items that appeared. The estimated print circulation for the print articles was 15 million. In addition, each print and broadcast outlet has an online site where the articles also ran. The estimated visitors per month for the combined websites was in the neighborhood of 250 million.

      And that is exactly what this event was all about — to let the rest of the world know just how much FUN can be had while wearing nothing at all."

      What are people's feelings on these results? Good? Bad? Important? Not important?


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        Originally posted by jasenj View Post
        What are people's feelings on these results? Good? Bad? Important? Not important?
        It was fun for us to take part for an afternoon, but the idea as a major promotional tool for American nudism is a tired one by now.

        Again, AANR is relying on "stunting" (as they say in radio) to get media to take notice and carry our message, indirectly, to the public.

        So it's good, in my humble opinion, but not great. There could be far more reaching effects if AANR were to concentrate its efforts on consumer travel , camping, and other shows, and various other activities that would enable them to take their message directly to the public.

        As I always said - in hockey, carrying the puck and shooting it on net is far more efficient at scoring goals, than shooting it into the corner and hoping something happens. The former tactic is used by skillful teams that can skate and have confidence in their game. The latter one is a conservative view taken by squads that have little faith in their own abilities.