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  • Pre-Bare to Breakers 2017

    Gypsy Taub, well-known San Francisco body freedom activist, has announced plans for a "Summer of Love" parade the day before this year's Bay to Breakers race. From her email:
    We got contacted by the Dutch Public Broadcast Television (broadcast cooperation: BNN-VARA). They are working on a 30-minute video on the Summer of Love. They came across our nude parade that we did last year and became interested in filming our group for their documentary video.

    Since Bay to Breakers is no longer nudity friendly I decided to get a permit and to have a permitted Nude Summer of Love Parade the day before Bay to Breakers. The Dutch TV crew is only going to be in SF for a few days so the only way to be a part of their program is to do a parade during the B2B weekend.

    I am going to apply for a permit and let's have a nude parade!

    Please spread the word!

    NUDE SUMMER OF LOVE PARADE - SATURDAY, MAY 20th - @ 11 AM in San Francisco. The location details will be available later.

    We will have body painting and interview with the Dutch TV before the parade begins. They will be filming the whole parade as well as reactions of the public. Their representative Sabine who talked to me on the phone is an amazing young woman, so open-minded and has such deep understanding of what the Summer of Love was about.

    I am really excited to be part of this program! Besides being an old school hippie I am also a huge fan of Amsterdam - my favorite city on the planet. If you haven't been there you have to go!
    The Bare to Breakers site has some fairly exact advice on staying within the law. Gypsy, however, has held a number of completely legal nude protests over the years, and the legality has advantages: her teenage children participate without any consequences, and YouTube hosts unpixelated videos (search for "Party of the Third Part").

    Anyone here planning to take part in Bare to Breakers should consider making it a double-header this year. Or if you prefer, consider going Dutch.

    - Caipora
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    Gypsy posted her speech before the "Summer of Love" parade on Youtube. All three of her kids are there, and quite a number of supporters.


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      Gypsy posted her speech before the "Summer of Love" parade on Youtube, All three of her kids are there, and quite a number of supporters. The comments focus on her luxuriant pubic hair.