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Naked driver arrested in West Frankfort, Il

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  • Naked driver arrested in West Frankfort, Il

    Naked driver arrested in West Frankfort
    By Tara Fasol, The Southern
    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 10:53 PM CST

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    It seems to me this gentleman was doing more than just driving. Apparently he was 'enjoying' himself while driving which made the offenders make the call to the authorities. By reading the excerts provided, looks like he would have been just fine if he just drove, but apparently he did more than that.

    BTW, anyone we know? lol


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      LOL! This remind me of a night that I was driving naked in the country about a year ago. Pulled over on a gravel road I was driving on, stripped, turned the heat up and was on my merry little way! Of course I have to admit I was a little bit under the influence of alcohol at the time. Was completely comfortable tho and did make it home alright! It was pretty late at night and didn't bother getting dressed to go inside once home. That was a joyride I'll never forget!! LOL!!


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        Reading "between the lines" of the report, I gather that the driver was having a bit of "personal enjoyment" time while driving and looking at the women. While I definitely am not a "prude", this really is not a place for this type of behavior (in my humble, meaningless opinion!). Unfortunately, such media accounts carry headlines that are designed to titilate the public and tend to give the idea of being nude a "bad" rap.