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Police Censor Nudity in Art at Ann Arbor Art Fair

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  • Police Censor Nudity in Art at Ann Arbor Art Fair

    I don't know how long the video will be on the site.

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    this video raises more questions than it answers. for example:

    (1) why did the po-po decide to crack down on the event this year, after having let it "slide" for so many years? was there something substantially different about what or how the photographer was planning to do his thing this year?

    (2) how does a more well known photographer (e.g., spencer tunick) navigate around these kinds of obstacles when he does a shoot in the u.s.?

    (3) is the "event" -- that is, the public setting of artistic nude photos -- part of the artwork itself? in other words, is this supposed to be a type of "performance art"?

    from the photographer's comments at the beginning of the video, i got the distinct impression that part of what he was after was precisely the shock value of staging the nude photo shoot in a venue that was not entirely congenial.

    having modeled nude both for drawing classes and for still photography i see nothing wrong with that aspect of the project. but i don't see this guy's work helping the naturist/nudist cause, either.


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      I'm glad he got his photo.


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        I am glad he got it too, Denital!



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          Now what is the problem with nonsexual public nudity? That it is offensive? That is is disorderly?

          Could it have possibly been more offensive or disorderly than the police intervention?



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            Don't Look

            Are not there other crimes that could be prevented in Ann Arbor that would be more serious than public nudity photographed?

            If people do not like the view of a naked individual ....don't look. After all the photo shoot was for art, was it not?


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              What is the diff between this art fair and the World Naked Bike Ride? They (LEO) seem to not bother the WNBR, but won't let the few models pose nude. Maybe there would be too much paper work for arresting all those riders, versus a few models.


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                Maybe this time he advertised where and when it would take place instead of it being spontaneous.? I still question why it would be disrupted by the police though. It probably comes down to money, he did not bribe city hall or the police. Oops I mean aquire the proper permits.