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Nude Sculpture On Field Trip Gets Teacher In Trouble

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  • Nude Sculpture On Field Trip Gets Teacher In Trouble

    Nude Sculpture On Field Trip Gets Teacher In Trouble
    This is crazy to me. The parents signed permission forms. If they didn't want their children to see nudity, they shouldn't have let them go. Its almost a given you will see something like that at a museum.

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    Nude Sculpture On Field Trip Gets Teacher In Trouble
    This is crazy to me. The parents signed permission forms. If they didn't want their children to see nudity, they shouldn't have let them go. Its almost a given you will see something like that at a museum.


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      Oh for Pete's Sake!!!

      WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!


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        If I wrote here what was in my mind, it would not make it past any censors!

        This teacher, who is the best part of the school, who has, by her mere presence at the school, influenced parents to move to the school's district so that their children could be a part of her classes, been put on administrative leave for taking the children on a school-approved, parent-approved field trip to the museum!!??

        All I acn say is WTF????

        On the site is a poll asking you be upset if your child saw a nude sculpture at a museum of art while on a field trip?

        So far, of the 23,062 people who answered, 98% (22, 488) said No while 574 said Yes. At least in this unscientific poll, sanity rules.

        Bob S.


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          I have to say that Bob said it well......WTF????

          What is happening to your country. Please say the insanity won't travel north!


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            You might know it would be a school in Texas.

            The parents are at fault by drumming into the heads of the children that nudity being seen nude and see others nude is bad, and to report anything they see that's nude.

            What major city does not have some sort of nude statue or art piece in their museum?

            I guess this school district probably is already de-nuding all the text books and reference manuals in their librarys in the district.

            Fifth graders harmed by nudity in art work or statues in a museum? No wonder many of our young people grow up to be misfits in the general society.

            Wouldn't the parents and school district be shocked to find out their is 14 nudist facilities within 88 miles of Frisco Texas! How terrible!

            You Searched For:
            Within 200 mile radius of Frisco, TX
            14 Matches Found (displaying 1 to 14)
            Club Name City State ZIP Landed More Info Distance
            River Hills Nudist Park Aubrey TX 76227 More Info 13 miles
            Sunbirds Sun Club Carrollton TX 75011 NO More Info 14 miles
            Free Spirit Nudist Club Dallas TX 75214 NO More Info 23 miles
            Wildwood Naturist Resort Decatur TX 76234 YES More Info 41 miles
            BSN Bare Soul Nudist Ft. Worth TX 76124 NO More Info 41 miles
            Naturally Friends Naturist Retreat Midlothian TX 76065 YES More Info 49 miles
            Bluebonnet Alvord TX 76225 YES More Info 50 miles
            Pondarosa Resort Wills Point TX 75169 YES More Info 56 miles
            Stonewood Gardens Weatherford TX 76085 YES More Info 56 miles
            Armadillo Resort Poolville TX 76487 YES More Info 62 miles
            Vista Grande Ranch Weatherford TX 76088 YES More Info 68 miles
            BB's Hideaway Canton TX 75103 YES More Info 69 miles
            BB's Hideaway Canton TX 75103 YES 69 miles
            Empyrean Garden Whitney TX 76692 YES More Info 88 miles


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              Originally posted by Nude in the North:
              Oh for Pete's Sake!!!

              WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!

              It is rampant insanity! How can people be so stupid. Many have given up thinking for themselves and rely on others to do it for them.


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                Another example of how man's perversion of religion, either directly or indirectly, brainwashes the masses.


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                  When I heard of this story while driving, I was appalled at the stupidity of the whole situation. The story on NPR reported "one parent complained". The prinicipal of the school has decided the one parent complaint overshadows and carries more weight than the stellar career of this teacher. The school board has upheld the decision and is paying the teacher full salary while on leave to the end of the school year.

                  The whole thing is insanity when it comes to art. Who does not expect to see some unclothed figures depicted, either in sculpture or painting, when visiting an art museum? Why, if 88 parents did not complain, did the complaint by one cause the teacher to be placed on leave and the recommendation made to not renew her contract? IMHO, it is time to clean house on the school board and principal's office to rid the school system of the spineless, inane people holding those offices.


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                    I am simply appalled at the idiocity of some people. The ignorance of these people are shameful to say the least.

                    How long will the intelligent people put up with the unlearned, overreacting parents? I just can't believe the stupidity.

                    "Duh. I want my kid to learn, but don't take him anywhere that might broaden his mind."


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                      I thought the video report was quite good. Wished it had include a picture of the offending statue though. Anyone got a link to it?


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                        Hope they dont get rid of all the National Geographics magazines. How else are the kids going to learn what a naked body looks like.

                        By the way is it true that Texas is thinking of banning mirrors in everybody's bathroom so that nudity wont offend you (even if it is your own nudity)?


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                          I think it's more to do with the parents ambitions to publicity than anything about nudity.

                          How many times have the parents paraded their kids past the skin mags in supermarket checkout lines? Or driven past the waifs in underwear pictured on bulletin boards? No audience, so no complaints I bet.



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                            Here is the Video Link, but it doesn't show the so called offending art piece, sculpture or statue.

                            Link to Dallas/Fort Worth TV channels feature "Nudity On Field Trip Gets Teacher In Trouble.


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                              One parent says, "Other parents are worried about the future of the art program at the school..."

                              Lady, they suspended the teacher. The art program is over. While you weren't looking someone took it away.

                              And guess what your school board elected idiots signed you up for --
                              No field trips to the Sistene Chapel, that's for sure. It's R-rated there at the Vatican. No Renoir or Ruebens, too racy. No visits to the library, that's where they store art books with examples of classical sculpture. Can't risk someone getting a peek.