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    Seen in The Brisbane Courier-Mail classifieds today 9 April:

    Private lockup wash bay
    08.30am - 10.30pm - 7 days
    Phone: xxxx xxxx

    Should be more of it!

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    There were some hot tubs made to be in a grotto setting that you could use privately at some motels in NZ.

    Should be more of these and private places to wash our cars for those who can't wash them at home and be naked.


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      What a great idea


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        i've thought of using the public car wash while naked. i mean, you have semi-private stalls, with a concrete wall between you and the next guy. the times i've thought of it, though, i thought better of it. the first time was on my wedding day, a few hours before the ceremony. my wife was busy doing the bride's thing, and sent me to wash the car; i figured my wedding day was the least desirable day to get arrested. most recently, i thought about doing so at the local car wash, as it was unseasonably warm a few weeks ago. then i realized the stalls are perpendicular to the main highway through town; invisible to the next guy over, perhaps, but perfectly visible to the rest of the world.


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          I totally misunderstood this brief classified advertisement.
          I am advised by Dario Western, the well known Brisbane nudist, that the charges are:
          = $50 topless
          = $75 nude
          get the drift...........?


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            Nude carwash above board, say police

            The Courier-Mail, Brisbane
            May 04, 2007 11:01am
            Article from: AAP

            A QUEENSLAND businessman says he is "just trying to make an honest
            dollar" with his topless and nude carwash service.

            For $55, you can get your car washed by a topless woman and for $100
            you can get a totally nude attendant with a X-rated show thrown in.

            Police say they have not received any complaints about the
            Bubbles 'n' Babes carwash at Albion in the city's inner-north.

            A police spokeswoman said the business was run in a closed shed out
            of public view and there had been no indication of wilful exposure.

            "As it stands it's not a police issue," she said.

            Strip club entrepreneur Warren Armstrong, who gave evidence at the
            Fitzgerald inquiry into police corruption almost 20 years ago and
            was jailed for nine months after pleading guilty to keeping a
            premises for prostitution.

            He told the City News newspaper this week that his latest operation
            was above board.

            "I'm just trying to make an honest dollar - simple as that," he said
            in a rare interview.

            Brisbane professional carwash services are doing a roaring trade as
            residents face a ban on washing their own cars under level five
            water restrictions.


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              It would be no doubt interesting indeed!

              Ken Palmer

              Originally posted by barryplumber:
              What a great idea


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                There is a topless car wash here. A few gay and straight female teachers I know went. You pull in the garage and they wash the car and also try to get you to get out of the car to buy drinks. They were upset as one of the washers was a mother of a teacher they knew. They didnt recognize her without her shirt, They also thought the guys working there should have been topless too. Erotic but yes we have one here


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                  Bubble set to burst on nude car wash
                  By Emma Chalmers
                  May 25, 2007 03:00am
                  Article from: The Courier-Mail, Brisbane

                  BRISBANE City Council has taken the first step towards closing a
                  controversial nude car wash by asking the owner to prove the
                  business does not breach the Town Plan.

                  Warren Armstrong, the man behind Bubbles 'n' Babes, said he had been
                  given a show-cause notice by the council, which he believes will
                  eventually lead to the closure of his business.

                  A council report concluded earlier this month that the Albion site
                  was given a motor vehicle workshop permit that allowed for car
                  detailing, but not car washing.

                  However, Mr Armstrong said yesterday his advice was that the car
                  wash was operating legally.

                  "Their argument is saying that we have approval for a workshop but
                  not a car wash, and clearly we've got advice that a workshop is to
                  maintain, service, to detail and to wash cars," he said.

                  "Our belief is, though, that they won't accept an explanation."

                  Mr Armstrong said the business had recently disposed of its high-
                  pressure gurnies, which are not allowed under the permit, and he
                  would fight in court any attempt to close the business.

                  "(Pornographer) Larry Flynt went through this 40 years ago in
                  America," he said.

                  "This is all about a moral thing. If it wasn't for the topless, nude
                  thing, and all these goody-two-shoes and religious whatevers."

                  Hamilton Ward councillor David McLachlan, who has pushed for the
                  review of the car wash, said he was concerned the business was
                  exploiting a loophole in the Town Plan.

                  "If your intention is to open up a drive-in lap-dance venue and you
                  apply for approval for a mechanical workshop, is this being
                  genuinely honest in terms of your intentions," he said.

                  Mr Armstrong has 20 days to respond to the council.