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Anyone hotter than this "113 degrees F real feel 118"

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    I recommend we all wear as LITTLE as possible!!!


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      Here in the high desert area of southern New Mexico we regularly have summer temperatures in the range of 100°F to 110°F. Not too intolerable in the shade if you can be nude, or have some air conditioning. A hayshaker (evaporative cooler) is quite adequate.

      It is now 4:30PM and the temperature inside my workshop is 90°, so I just now turned off the cooler. Nude? Of course. Large building, undersized cooler on low speed for about 3 hours.

      Our little secret in this part of the state is that the year-round average spread from high to low temperature is 32°. The actual high today was 103 and the low was 70. Not bad for nighttime. Winter morning temperatures of 20° do happen, with daytime temps rising to upper 40s or 50s.

      Wouldn't mind having other nudists in the neighborhood.


      PS: As I close this msg the shop temp is 92°. A cold beverage is good. Then back to work.