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Spencer Tunick's next art installation - Miami Beach!

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  • Spencer Tunick's next art installation - Miami Beach!

    Nude People Wanted at the Sagamore

    "Typically, the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of Miami Beach is the word NAKED. And that's because we often see naked and nearly-naked people prancing up and down the beach and along the restaurants and bars on Ocean Avenue.

    Also have you ever gone to a nightclub in Miami when the heat and humidity have combined for an average temperature of 90 degrees?

    So it's perfectly fitting that artist Spencer Tunick's next art installation--"elaborately posed still and video images of multiple nude figures in public settings" will be taken at the Sagamore Hotel in South Beach.

    On Oct. 8, the artist will use the hotel's architecture and pool as the backdrop for his next nude-formations art installation consisting of Miami locals and tourists. Tunick's photographs and videos taken that day will be exhibited at the Sagamore during Art Basel Miami Beach in December.

    The Sagamore is a very artsy hotel (one of the reasons Tunick picked the place) and is more than excited to have the Tunick installation there. The hotel is even managing an online sign-up sheet for potential participants."

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    Wanted: 800 bare bodies for photo shoot

    Posted on Tue, Sep. 18, 2007
      Thousands of people across the globe have dropped their drawers for artist Spencer Tunick. Sometimes, thousands at once, young and old, fit and flabby, in public squares and train stations, on frozen glaciers and desert sands.

      On Oct. 8, about 800 free spirits will pose for Tunick's camera at South Beach's Sagamore Hotel. The event will be a fleshfest, pinks and tans and browns crowding the ivy-covered balconies.

      ''We'll have them standing on chairs, so you can see more of them,'' Tunick, who lives in New York, says during a recent visit to the hotel. The four images he'll create during the installation will be unveiled in December at the Sagamore's annual Art Basel brunch...[/list]

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      darn! I would love to be there...I think his work is absolutely amazing!


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        Miami Hosts 600 Naked For Hotel Sagamore Shoot

        "It's about fantasy and leisure," he {Spencer Tunick) said to local affiliate NBC6. "It's a stereotype, but it's true. You're going to have a good time if you come to Miami Beach."

        That's the theme of Tunick's latest installation of art.

        The artist is known for his photographs of groups of nude people posed in artistic formations.

        "I'm going to have 100 to 200 women in pink rafts," he said. "We're going to have people on the balcony posing very much like the Tower of Babel meets Logan's Run. We're going to buy some champagne, 500 bottles, and were going to make a giant explosion for the climax of the installation from the balcony."
        Link to the rest of the story -

        That's happening today, Oct. 8th. Wish I was there!

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